More weather + more photos

Man, two days can fly by!  I’m pretty sure I’m a day behind on my resolution to blog daily this year, so I keep thinking that one of these days I’ll post two blogs and get all caught up.  And then, before I know it, another 36 hours have slipped by and I’m still in catch-up mode.  Sigh.  So here’s the latest!


Warm and pleasant outside.  Beau caked at The Creek Place, then stopped on a hill on the way home and made phone calls.  Seems like his work pickup is more his office than his office is!  Thank goodness for smartphones, huh?  When he’s away from the chaos of home and ranch headquarters, in the silence of a pasture and the pickup cab, he has the time and attention to listen to messages, return calls, reply to texts, etc…. without the continual interruptions he would endure if he was sitting at his desk.  You know, when I was growing up here my dad had a lot of phone calls to make every night — coordinating people is part of the ranch manager job.  But the ranch has grown since then, and technology has exploded — and that seems to be how it goes with technology:  it improves our lives in some ways and seriously complicates it in others.  The result is that a hefty percentage of Beau’s job these days is communication other than the face-to-face kind.

Let’s see, what else happened yesterday?  A semi-load of pipe came in and I had to track down somebody to unload it.  I also called Project Meats to cancel the ranch’s spring beef order because it sounds like C&K Meats will still be open in May — hurray!  Asher and Emi checked coyote traps in the horse pasture.  My parents had us over for dinner.  Oh, and winter bugs continue to haunt our house:  Asher’s throat has been sore for days, and every night he says, “You need to take me to the doctor tomorrow,” but the thing is he doesn’t have a fever, and I am resisting taking him anywhere because the memory of taking Marsi to the doctor when she had the stomach bug is still fresh in my mind!


High of 47, low of 20.  Beau woke Asher early to go caking on roads chilled from nighttime temps.  A couple hours of my morning focused on the heavy-duty, long-time-coming cleaning of the bunkhouse, which is going really well.  Beau spent most of the afternoon on the phone with the Bozeman office trying to explain the ins and outs of the Froze-to-Death Grazing District to somebody who has never seen the Froze-to-Death Grazing District.  I got the three youngest horseback this afternoon and… whew!… time for bed.

First, though, a few more treasures I mined out of last summer’s photo album.


Emi checking out an abandoned house near the corral where we branded the Indians Springs calves.
Four little Blakes with their favorite good neighbor (and my second-grade teacher!) Mrs. Lackman.  She always has the kids over to pick sweet corn when it’s ready, and the tradition is that they eat some of the corn right there in the field!  This year they dug up and tasted some sugarbeet too.
Emi and that grin; the Hayes House pasture is in the background.  It was truly a sweet clover summer — the clover was thick and tall all across the ranch.  In some places sweet clover patches stretched out for miles and miles.
Just life around here.  Baby Muggins pulls out drawers and climbs up them to get to wherever he wants to be.
Our sweet girls with their big cousin Tay, right before Christmas.
Muggins with his “wope” which he uses to “tie down!”
When I was at Horse Camp this past fall I just had to take a photo of the humble dwelling where Beau and I lived for the first two years of our married life.  The ranch put up a new house at Horse Camp a few years back, and this little house has been abandoned since, but it will always be our first home.
Gaaaaaa!  He slays me.

© Tami Blake

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