Catching up with the weather + going through “old” photos

I’m a couple days behind on my daily updates, so real quick before I forget:

Sunday was another warm, spring-like day.  The frost is slow but sure working its way out of the ground, so though Beau left early to cake cows while the ground was still frozen from nighttime temps, muddy roads turned him around before he made it all the way to the pasture.  The cows’ll be all right without their cake; there’s lots of water in the creek, lots of old grass showing, and it doesn’t take as much energy for them to be okay in this kind of weather.

On Sunday my mom and dad took our three oldest kids to church so Beau and I could tackle a few projects here at home that needed doing.  Two-year-old Muggins (a.k.a. Captain Destructo) was our big helper but did nap long enough that we managed to get our taxes finished, along with some other desk work.

Sunday afternoon, while the girls watched Peppa Pig with my dad (ha!), my mom and Asher (unbeknownst to me and Beau) undertook a big hike up Muggins Creek to Becca’s homestead cabin.  They must’ve hiked about five miles.  Mom said it was farther than she expected it to be and she was worried she’d be sore the next day!

The wind blew in very early Monday morning and brought with it a light snow.  Monday’s high was 37, low was 27, and it remained very windy all day.  It was the kind of day when inevitably somebody takes off to ride somewhere and forgets to chain the gate to the horse corral closed and it blows open.  I just happened to step out the door of the house on time to see Oz, Doogan, and High make their break for freedom!  Luckily they were fairly easy to subdue.

The family stomach bug has worked its way to Beau, but still there were things to be done.  In the morning he headed to Billings, still trying to get the right parts to fix the feed truck.  It was a quiet school day for me and the kids at home.  The Reeders stopped by for a quick visit in the afternoon.


I’ve been meaning to share some last-year pictures that I never got to use here on the blog.  (My efforts to clean out my photo stash continue.)  So here they are, to help me clean out my files and also because I think you’ll enjoy them… and because it’s a happy Tuesday!

We had a terrible time keeping Muggins out of the feed for the bum calves this past summer.  Do kids in other families enjoy animal feed as much as mine do?
Emi, our 7-year-old and second-born, is delightfully quirky.  A born leader (the other day I overhead her conduct a kid meeting and their main item on the agenda was building a treehouse; she took motions and everything).  Now to just keep her leading in the right direction.
A summertime break for my four favorite boys:  Beau with Muggins, Asher, and our nephew Nate.
This is a top favorite picture from last summer:  It was our niece Tay’s first year branding full-time.  She’s so handy she was giving both shots by the end of the season!
Tay was with me at the Custer Arena one day before the Custer Ranch Rodeo last summer when she spotted this ground nest filled with hungry baby birds.
Awwww.  Marsi loving on GG.
As per usual, early fall around here was crawling with spiders and bugs.  I took this photo in the barn; the one below in the corral outside the barn.


This man was in the news last fall as he traipsed his way across several states with his pack mules.  When he was in this area, Asher insisted we flag him down for a photo.  (This pic is extra special because, as you can see, Marsi is picking her nose.)

Ah.  So many good pictures and so little time.  Another peek into the photo album with my next post!

© Tami Blake

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