Date night!

I recently informed Beau that he ought to do the chivalrous thing and plan a date for the two of us, start to finish.  As in:  You find a babysitter!  He was a little annoyed at my suggestion at first — I guess we’ve gotten to that point in our marriage where grand gestures aren’t as common as they once were — but by golly he followed through.  Good thing Beau has a really brave buddy named Stacey.

Stacey picked the kids up at our house about 3 p.m.  He and his wife Tiff manhandled 2-year-old Muggins while their kids had a big time — as usual — with ours.  Stacey kept us updated with photos as the evening went on:

Stacey told Asher and Colt they could eat all the ice cream they could hold if they first cut a slab off of this firewood tree in the backyard (they had found the saw in a nearby shed; they didn’t get their ice cream)
Bonfires and face paint are pretty typical when the Blake kids and the Ogren kids get together!

As for me and Beau and our date, first he took me for a drive.  We headed north of ranch headquarters, up the Ingomar Road and down the Mission Valley Road, looking at good country all along the way.  Back at the house we couldn’t decide if we should be responsible and work on taxes… or just kick back and watch a movie together… so we did a little of both.

We picked up tired and happy kids at the Ogrens’ a little before 10:00.  We all decided that our group of friends should just keep a regular kid-swap going:  We’ll keep yours tonight so you can have a date / You keep ours tomorrow.  You know, when you’re in the thick of parenthood, it can be tough to ask for help like this (definitely so here in Eastern Montana where we pride ourselves in never needing help).  We’re all happy to give… but how nice to just know you’ve got a little guilt-free compensation coming your way?  I think it’s a win-win-win!

© Tami Blake

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