To the MATE Show!


Yesterday we Blakes spent the day in Billings and made a stop by the MATE Show (Montana Agri-Trade Exposition).  The kids had a great time prowling the aisles and getting at least one of every free thing they saw:  pamphlets, mini candy bars, political stickers, letter openers, pens, etc.

Being there was kind of a jog down memory lane for me, because throughout college and for several years afterward I worked trade shows like the MATE for Agri-News.  In fact, I was working at the MATE the day Beau and I met!  And again, a year later when he moved to Montana to stay.

Yesterday as we went through the aisles, I sure didn’t envy the people manning the booths for long hours.  But it was a good job when I had it!

© Tami Blake

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