Yesterday’s Weather:  High of 29, low of 1.  Mostly sunny.

Yesterday At The Ranch:  Caking cows and school and typical little ranch-related fires to put out (like:  the heater went out in Bill’s house and the repairman is coming today; the telephone company called to say they were about to shut off the ranch phone service because the bill hadn’t been paid — wires often get crossed between the ranch and the corporate office concerning whether bills should be sent to Hysham or to Bozeman and whether bills should be paid with Beau’s credit card or by check from the corporate side.  it can be frustrating… but it’s just part of it).

The kids and I checked the horses that are wintering at The Bauer Place and I got some fun pictures of Muggins and sweet Jiggers — I promise that soon I will tell the whole story about this special horse.  Yep, I am the crazy mom who can’t pick just one good picture to share!

IMG_4892 (1)







© Tami Blake

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