Happy Birthday, Mom!

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday!  I happened to have a dentist appointment in Miles City, so talked her and Dad into riding along with me and the kids so that we could celebrate with our Miles City family.

The birthday girl (my mom) with her six grandkids — four of mine, plus niece Taylor and nephew Nate

The Weather:  It got down to 5 below last night, with snow flurries all day.  The interstate was downright scary headed to Miles City — slick with packed snow plus low visibility — and not great coming back either.  But our angels were with us and we made it safely.

On The Ranch:  Beau was mighty discouraged yesterday to discover the waterline that goes through The Spring Pasture is stopped up again, and this time it seems like it’s something other than an airlock.  He did go up there with a fire rig full of water (plus a thermos full of boiling water to thaw out the nozzle when he got there) hoping he could force an air lock out like he did last time… but he couldn’t even force the fire rig water in this time.  He has been brainstorming (more like hitting his head against the wall) trying to figure out what to do next.  On top of that, he was up late and up early fulfilling a request from the corporate office:  to break the annual budget down into monthly projected spending.  Beau loves numbers as much as the next guy, but… sometimes, even though orders must be followed, you kinda wonder what the point is.


As for me, I’ve been overseeing the initial cleaning of the bunkhouses (hurray!  it had been about two years!).  Additionally, I’ve made multiple phone calls trying to track down a farrier to take care of our horses on a regular basis (the young man who had been shoeing for us took off for Texas).

I feel like our family’s ranch management efforts entered a new stage when Baby Muggins turned 2, like I moved beyond the 24-month all-encompassing survival mode I had been in and can finally use some of my energy to help Beau with the ranch stuff that gets overlooked because he honestly doesn’t have enough time.  A guy can only do so much.  That’s why he has a wife!

© Tami Blake

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