Trapper Asher

Asher has always considered himself to be quite the little outdoorsman.  Until now, though, his big plans have outweighed his realistic ability.  But he’s growing up fast, and after their trip to the Youth Trapper Camp hosted by the Montana Trappers Association in Havre last summer, Beau felt just about ready to give our oldest more rein.  Finally this winter, after much cajoling and pleading, Asher talked Beau last week into helping him set up his first (mini) trapline.  It’s just out of sight of our front door, along the horse pasture fence, a healthy walk for Asher to make every day both physically and mentally.

The other day when he found he’d caught his first coyote, though, Asher wasn’t so sure.  He even shed a few tears as he worried about the life he’d just taken.  And it made me glad to see he was taking very seriously his responsibility for that critter he’d harvested.  He’s got such a good, kind heart.


His worry eventually turned to pride.  He’ll sell that fur for a little cash that he’ll like having in his pocket.  Whether or not he’ll stick with trapping for life, only time will tell.  For now… though dreams-come-true invariably look different than you had expected… he’s just living the dream he himself dreamed for many years before this one.


Today’s Weather:  High of 32.  Low of 0.  Partly cloudy, a little snow on the ground.

Today On The Ranch:  It’s been 60 hours and Marsi still hasn’t kicked her flu bug.  I was up in the night with her, then she was limp on the couch most of today.  Because I had to run to a rodeo club meeting this evening, Beau (who spent a good part of his day installing our new washer and drier — yay!) (and who usually becomes suddenly preoccupied in another part of the house when someone throws up) took bucket duty while I was gone.  And he was very brave about it.  In fact, he did real good.

At this point I’m not even worried about whether or not anyone else in our family will get sick.  I just hopehopehope that Marsi sleeps through the night and is all better when she wakes up in the morning.

© Tami Blake

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