Best laid plans…

So.  As I closed yesterday’s post I was describing my ingenious plan to guarantee myself a quiet house today.  I’d left the big kids at my mom’s for a sleepover last night; I’d made plans to take the little kids to a friend’s house this morning.  I was going to be all alone in my house for a few hours — the rarest of treats for a homeschooling mother — and I was going to work on taxes.

And then.  At 6 a.m., 4-year-old Marsi threw up.  (On the couch.)  We cleaned her up and she went back to sleep for a couple hours, and she hasn’t been sick since then.  But she didn’t feel great all day… and as soon as it happened I knew I could not in good conscience send her to a babysitter.

So my quiet morning, during which I was going to make myself a fancy coffee to enjoy by myself and during which I was going to accomplish important things, evaporated like the dream it was as the sun rose over the Yellowstone.

As planned, Beau went ahead to Billings on his parts run today.  As planned, my parents brought the big kids home at noon.  And as usual, my plans never count for much when push comes to shove.  As the mom around here, and because of the kind of mother I’ve chosen to be, I am always the one whose day gets hijacked by the kids.  I know by now that flexibility has to be the name of the game, because:  Kids.  Just when you think you’ve gotten everything figured out… someone throws up.

In the last nine years of motherhood I’ve gotten pretty used to not being in charge of my own life anymore.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend a few moments today feeling sorry for myself… wishing I was sipping that coffee and being all by myself in a quiet house.


Perhaps another time.  But I’m not counting on it.


Today’s Weather:  High of 39.  Low of 16.  A few snowflakes in the air.  On the ground, a mix of snow and muddy slush.

Today On The Ranch:  Beau was off to Billings and made many stops to pick up ranch supplies, plus a visit to get his thumb checked out.  (Way back in December on a preg-checking day, a cow kicked the hot-shot he was holding and jammed his thumb, which has never quite healed up.)  No word yet on the X-ray results.

When Asher checked his trapline this afternoon he found his first coyote, so there’s been big excitement over that.  Pictures tomorrow!

Today’s Best Picture:  Going through my phone pictures today I found this one:


It reminded me that I did get to ride one day with the crew this past fall, and I am thankful for that one day.  The guys were gathering Three Sections and trailing them to the Horse Camp corrals for weaning, and Beau figured they’d need extra help making that tough maneuver from the Dynamite Hill well through Thompson’s and across Muggins Creek.  So he asked me to help, and I was honored.  And my mom came and stayed with the kids at the house that morning until I got home, and everybody was just fine when I walked back in.  And this is the only picture I got that day.  (Dad had the saddle made, I would guess in the early ’90s.  He gave it to me — more accurately, I kinda stole it — when Beau and I were married.)

© Tami Blake

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