Today’s Weather:  High of 34.  Low of 17.  About 4″ of snow on the ground.

Today On The Ranch:  This morning I and the three youngest kids attended church; Asher and Beau stayed home and put in Asher’s coyote trapline, in the horse pasture just behind the barn.  It’s close enough to home that Asher will be able to take a big hike and check the trapline by himself each day, and it’s something Asher — our mini outdoorsman — has been begging Beau for, for over a year.  I hope he enjoys having a trapline as much as he’s imagined he will!

Church was a little on the chaotic side, as our lives usually are.  After the children’s sermon during the church service, the kids all headed downstairs for Sunday School.  The regular Sunday School teacher was feeling under the weather today, so I winged it and taught a lesson on Jesus’s miracles.  As I was teaching I could see Muggins out of the corner of my eye and it was pretty obvious he was filling his britches.  I wracked my brain as we discussed loaves and fishes:  Had I brought spare diapers and wipes with me?

As soon as I wrapped up the lesson and got the Sunday School kids sat down to draw out their own personal renditions of Jesus performing miracles, I left them (including our two girls) with another church mom and a church grandma and I whisked Muggins outside to our van.  Not a diaper.  Not a wipe.  I checked every nook and cranny in the outfit, hoping to find a lonely survivor.  But there was nothing.  Then I put him in his seat and drove through Hysham, trying to think of who might be home that I could steal at least a couple wipes from.  Maybe Kari’s house?  I knocked; she said no; it later hit me that her youngest is 9, the same age as Asher.  I tried Jessie’s house, but no one was home.  I chose not to stop by the gas station to see what they might have on hand.  Instead, I finally headed back to the church, loaded up the girls, and drove all of us home… before the church service was over.  Home at last, we were all pretty relieved to get Captain Destructo cleaned up!

This afternoon was the church’s annual prime rib dinner fundraiser.  The big kids and I headed there early to help with prep work; my job was organizing them and a couple buddies to serve desserts to the crowd.  Meanwhile, Emi’s Cloverbud 4-H meeting started at 4:00 at the school, so I ran her there, then back to the dinner for a while, then I ran Asher to the regular 4-H meeting at the school at 5:00, then returned to the dinner to eat prime rib with Beau (who had just gotten to town with our two little kids), then Beau stayed at the dinner as part of the clean-up crew while I and the two little kids headed back to the school to pick up our 4-Hers.  And then we came home.

Whew.  I’m starting to wonder if life with four kids — each one at a different level, each with his or her own needs and interests — is just plain going to be this hectic.  (Don’t know why I never considered that before it was too late — ha!)

© Tami Blake

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