Happy 94th birthday, Grandma

Today’s Weather:  High of 38.  Low of 26.  Several little snow storms moved through today, adding up to 4+ inches and slick conditions.


(That’s Tawny filling her feed truck, using the loader, in thick snow this morning.  The silage pit is in the background.)


Our whole family rode along with Beau to The Creek Place to cake cows this morning.


At Creeks’ we checked the double water tanks that had been empty for so long… and guess what?  They were both full of water!  Beau is a pretty happy guy.  I’m proud of him for conquering this particular ranch dilemma… but I never doubted he would.



Emi has been missing that top front tooth since she was three years old.  (She knocked it out with a fall on the cement steps.)  Now that she’s seven, we keep expecting the adult tooth to show up.  Wonder what she’ll look like with all her teeth?


Faithful old Swoog.  She takes her job on the back of the cake pickup pretty seriously.




After caking, we Blakes hurried home, ate lunch, and loaded with the kids (and my dad) in the van for the drive to Billings.  My mom was already there, having headed in first thing this morning to prep everything for my grandma’s 94th birthday party!


For various reasons, not all the family could be there to celebrate Grandma’s special day today.  But we did get a pic of her with a lot of the great-grandkids…


And a lot of the grandkids…


And with my mom Belva, my dad Harold, my uncle Cody, and Cody’s wife Susan.  (Uncle Rick and his wife Gail couldn’t make it from the other side of the state.)


Grandma, who earned her reputation as a table-dancer and party-maker when she was in her prime, was clear as a bell today.  She so appreciated everyone who stopped by (the senior citizen bus even came from Custer, and it was jam-packed with friends!).


Five years ago she would’ve hated this picture of herself.  But I think she’s looking pretty darn good for a 94-year-old… and there’s no absolutely no reason to be ashamed of showing a little wear and tear after nine decades.

Happy birthday, Grandma!

© Tami Blake

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