Yesterday’s Weather:  Clear and frozen, a light skiff of snow.  It was 19° at the top of the Spring Pasture about noon.


Yesterday On The Ranch:  Our two littlest kids spent the morning socializing with friends.  Meantime, the big kids and I headed to Creeks’ to cake cows, and Beau roaded the backhoe to Creeks’ (as you can see, the backhoe does not have a rear window, and temps were in the teens, so that’s why he was so bundled up).  He left the backhoe parked and running in the Spring Pasture (because it has a penchant for not starting), then drove back to headquarters with me and the kids in the pickup.  He packed a roll of salami for lunch and headed back to Creeks’.  He met Brian there and they spent the afternoon digging on the waterline that’s buried between Section 22 and Upper House, looking for the shut-off valve and vent buried about five feet deep.  They did find what they were looking for but didn’t have time to investigate further.  He came in about 8 p.m.  The kids and I had been to town and back (twice for me and the littles) to take the bigs to piano practice.  After everyone was in bed, I set to work prepping for today’s grocery shopping trip to Billings… and did that until 4-year-old Marsi threw up in her bed about midnight.  Nobody ever said motherhood wasn’t a 24-hours-a-day job!



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