A little bit of snow

Today’s Weather:  High of 48.  Low of 26.  It was raining first thing this morning, and the rain turned into a couple inches of snow.  In the end we’re left with a muddy, slushy mess around here.


Today On The Ranch:  Sunday and all is well… which means Beau got to sleep in!

The kids did chores in the snow…


And caught a few wet flakes…



And Asher tested the snowshoes he got for Christmas and which he has been dying to try out.



Later in the day I dropped a batch of fresh cupcakes on the floor.  I can’t even blame the kids for it…


And we rearranged the beds in the girls’ room.  Beau swears I get a certain gleam in my eye and he knows I’m about to start rearranging furniture.  I have to admit, I do like change!  But also, moving the furniture around is just about the only way to truly uncover what the kids might’ve stashed in their bedrooms.  With four kiddos, battling clutter is an ongoing challenge for me.  Today as we rearranged, we also cleaned — and I ended up stuffing a black garbage sack full of most of what we extricated from their room.  (To be gone through later… right?)  You can’t imagine the things our little hoarders had stuffed under their beds and in the corners!


This afternoon, after dropping off a water-belly calf at the vet clinic, we enjoyed a fun Superbowl party with the Icopinis and Ogrens.  Lots of good food and visiting and kids chasing each other through the kitchen!

On to another week…

© Tami Blake

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