Yesterday got away from me again

Yesterday’s Weather:  High of 45.  Low of 30.  Yucky.  Cloudy.  Kinda precipitous.  Very windy.


Yesterday On The Ranch:  Beau was in the office or at least here at headquarters all day, putting out various ranch-related fires and tending to the business that he has time to deal with during this quiet season.

It was a school day in our house.  Four-year-old Marsi spent the day with Grandma (my mom) and enjoyed a play date with one of the Grierson granddaughters.


Yesterday’s Best Pictures:


Look what came in the mail… for me!  Thank you to my mother-in-law for treating me to a subscription to this quintessentially Southern magazine!


IMG_4600 2

The kids (due to Little House on the Prairie influence) are convinced that johnny cakes should be a regular part of our diet.  Beau grew up eating them, too.  So I’ve been trying to perfect them.  There’s not much to fuss with — basically cornmeal and hot water.  Makes you wonder how people got by eating so little back then.


Muggins thought it was appropriate to wear his neigh costume on our journey outside to do chores:


IMG_4612 2



© Tami Blake

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