Shazam! Leftover fajita fixins, meet breakfast.

I have learned that breakfast burritos are a fast way to win friends and earn the respect of cowboys.  Breakfast burritos are full of protein and gooey cheese all wrapped up in a tortilla (and who doesn’t love a tortilla?!).  They’re warm and deliverable in their handy little tin foil raincoats.  In my experience they are always welcomed with a smile — but especially at about 8:30 a.m. on wet shipping days, cold weaning days, and long branding days.


Here’s how I usually make ’em:

recipe breakfast burritos

Above, folks, is a never-fail go-to flavor formula for breakfast-burrito-making.

But.  One day I made fajitas for the crew using marinated flank steaks.  And I had a couple of steaks left over, as well as some pepper & onion goodness…


… and I thought to myself, What if instead of sausage I threw sliced flank steak into breakfast burritos?

So I did it.  And I added some bacon and some leftover roasted potatoes, too:


And oh, man!  These were exciting breakfast burritos.  Tasty, with a little surprise in every bite.  My favorite part?  Hands down, the roasted potatoes inside the tortilla.  Double the carbs = double the deliciousness.

Now, I am not saying that these fajita make-overs are better than good ol’ PV breakfast burritos.  What I am saying is that it’s okay to get creative and mix it up sometimes.  You could probably take just about any leftover food item and roll it up in a tortilla and have a winning combination.  What would you put into a breakfast burrito?



Today’s Weather:  High of 48.  Low of 30.  Still warm and mild for this time of year.  Last year’s crazy but short winter (if Beau remembers correctly) blew in on February 3.  Here’s hoping nothing of the sort happens this year.


Today On The Ranch:  We were gone by 7:30, off to Miles City for long-neglected dentist appointments for our entire family.  Whew, it takes a while for a family of six to get through the dentist’s office.  The good news is that the kids had no cavities (finally!).  Another thing:  Beau and I broke down and signed up for dental insurance at re-enrollment time in December, and I have a feeling it’s going to save us.  Because Dr. Good News tells me that I have to go back for a few fillings (sweet tooth got me again), and eventually an implant (to replace the perfectly good tooth that my orthodontist pulled out 25 years ago), and for a few years now Dr. Good News has been after me to consider gum tissue graft surgery (apparently I have a receding gum line).  Blech.  I think about all the money my parents spent on my teeth when I was a kid… and about all the money Beau and I are spending on my teeth now… and I don’t know if you ever get to a place where the dentist thinks your teeth are okay for the rest of your life OR if smart people just eventually throw up their hands and say, That’s it!  I’m not spending another dime on my stupid teeth!

But I’ve digressed.  Our day in Miles City, despite my teeth-related rantings, went great.  We ate out, we shopped at Murdoch’s Ranch & Home, we met Nephew Nate for ice cream after school… and we got home about 6:00.  Beau only had to answer approximately 17 work-related calls and texts while were gone.  But at least he got to come.

© Tami Blake

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