Captain Destructo turned 2 today…

… and throughout the day I thought of all sorts of clever things I wanted to write about this milestone in our lives.  But now it’s 11 p.m. and he won’t go to bed.  In fact, he seems to be gaining speed.  I knew letting him take a nap in the late afternoon was a mistake.  Maybe the giant serving of birthday ice cream he enjoyed was also a mistake.

Whatever the reason, the clock is creeping closer to tomorrow and he says he’s not even a little bit sleepy.  My body, meanwhile, is rejecting life.  It goes without saying that my need to write clever things tonight is being overridden by my need to survive.

Perhaps I will write something awesome tomorrow… if I’m still alive then.


© Captain Destructo’s Mom


P.S.:  Today’s Weather — High of 40.  Low of 31.  Super nice for this time of year.

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