January 22, 2020

Today’s Weather:  High of 38.  Low of 22.  A light rain fell early this morning.  Cloudy but pleasant to be outside.


Today On The Ranch:  Two loads of dry cows shipped to the sale barn from the feedlot today.  Meanwhile, Beau and Sterling headed to Ridge Camp this morning to help Nate sort through a few odds ‘n’ ends — those are the cattle that, for one reason or another, don’t fit in with the main bunch and so are kept near camp until they can be dealt with.  The guys worked out a few dries that need to head to town, then trailered them to Horse Camp (Horse Camp is between Ridge Camp and headquarters, and headquarters is closest of all to Billings).  From Horse Camp this afternoon a final semi-load of dries was transferred to the feedlot here, and they’ll go to Billings in the morning.

I needed to make the 70-mile trek into Billings myself this afternoon, so Beau hired on as babysitter about 3:30.  Though we’ve been doing fun “birthday week” stuff for several days now, the birthday festivities officially begin tomorrow, when Emi will turn 7 shortly after noon.


Today’s Best (Only!) Picture:


What “school” looks like at our house!

© Tami Blake

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