Emi turns 7!

Today’s Weather:  High of 43.  Low of 24.  Dry and pleasant.


Today On The Ranch:  Emi turned 7 today!  To celebrate, Beau took her along on his parts run to Billings and treated her to Subway for lunch (Emi could survive on ham sandwiches).  They hit True North Steel, Western Ranch, FedEx Office, and finished out their trip with a quick stop at the bookstore (as per Emi’s request.  She came home with a diary with a lock on it tucked under her arm — oh my!).

Here at home, a final semi-load of dries and culls shipped to the sale yard in Billings this morning.  Muggins, Marsi, Asher and I caked cows at The Creek Place.  This evening my parents came over to the house to help us celebrate Emi’s birthday.  Sure do love this sweet, quirky little girl:




© Tami Blake

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