It’s a PONY!!!

Today’s Weather:  High of 44.  Low of 26.  Bright and sunny.  To Beau’s delight and the kids’ disappointment, the little bit of snow we did have is disappearing.


What’s Inspiring Me Today:  My friend (and the talented writer) Leesa Zalesky has started her own blog!  Check her out at  For years Leesa had a column of the same name, The Sortin’ Pen, in the weekly Western Ag Reporter, through which she reported on the latest news in agriculture.  I consider Leesa to be among the finest journalists in ag, and I’m so glad to see her establishing this new outlet through which readers will be able to read her award-winning, here’s-the-real-story take on all the news that’s pertinent to our lifestyle and the industry.  Leesa needs to write, and readers need to know what she has to say.  Leesa has been such an encouragement of my own blogging efforts, and I am honored that she’s diving into the weird world of blogging alongside me.  Congratulations, Leesa, on taking the leap!


Today On The Ranch:  Beau was gone from headquarters 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  First he headed to Butte Camp with the flatbed.  Jeremiah had just delivered a load of hay to Butte Camp; when he was done with the tractor, Beau and Vergal used the tractor to load a culvert on the flatbed.  From Butte Camp, Beau drove back to the Sumatra Road.  Instead of turning right and heading home from there, he unhooked the flatbed and turned left toward Ridge Camp.  At Ridge Camp he and Nate spent some time trying to trouble-shoot a water tank that’s on the fritz (seems there’s always at least one water system around here that isn’t working quite right).  Nate also cooked up bacon and a pancake for Beau — good thing, because Beau had forgotten to pack a lunch!  On the way home from Ridge, Beau stopped to pick up the flatbed with the culvert on it.

As soon as Beau pulled in to our yard, he hopped in our personal pickup with me and the kids and we flew towards Custer.  Beau and I wouldn’t tell the kids what we were up to, but they figured we were picking up some sort of critter because we were pulling the horse trailer.  We didn’t spill the beans even when they correctly guessed what was happening!

Our kids have been talking about getting a pony — actually, ponies (plural) — for a couple years.  In the girls’ minds ponies are just their size, easy for them to saddle and get on and ride, easy to use to conquer the world kid-style.  Of course, as we adults know, ponies (though they are indeed small) aren’t necessarily as handy as they might seem.  Beau and I have always figured we have plenty of good, full-sized horses for the kids to ride.  Yet their interest has been persistent, and Asher and Emi are getting big enough now that they can perhaps gain some good experience in working with a pony.  So when a friend in nearby Custer offered up a tiny brown-and-white paint… well, even the daddy of the house couldn’t say no.

When our headlights (it was dark by the time we got there) shone across the glittering snow and landed on a miniature spotted specimen of an equine tonight, the kids triumphantly exclaimed, “It’s a PONY!!!”

On the drive home, with the pony in the trailer, we let all the kids nominate name ideas for our new stallion (who has an impending appointment for castration).  Almost-two-year-old Muggins, who is gaining on his vocabulary every day, managed to suggest “Little Neigh,” and the vote was unanimous — although Beau did mention that it kinda sounds like the name for a rapper.

So we are the proud owners of a pony that is spending the night in the horse trailer because… well… we’re not sure what to do with him yet.

Another cool note:  it’s a big birthday week around here.  Emi turns 7 on Thursday and Muggins turns 2 on Sunday.  As we’ve matured in this parenting journey we’ve found sanity in spreading birthday fun out over an entire week… and I would say that Little Neigh definitely qualifies as birthday fun.  Better pics coming soon!


©  Tami Blake

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