A ropin’!

Today’s Weather:  High of 8.  Low of minus 10.  Brrr.


Today On The Ranch:  By mid-morning we were gone to Miles City.  There was a roping contest there today, specifically a three-man doctoring and a muley roping.  Luckily the indoor barn where the roping was held was toasty on the inside.  I mean, I didn’t take off my coat and hat all day, but I wasn’t cold in there either!

The roping is an annual event held to benefit the Benevolent & Scholarship Fund of the Big Sky Ranch Rodeo Finals.  The group that puts on the Big Sky Finals uses the money raised at this winter get-together either to award scholarships or to help folks in need.  The best part about it is that it’s a winter get-together for ranch folks!  Though the summertime calendar in these parts is chock full of rodeos and events, this time of year in Montana can get kinda out of shape and lonely.  So a chance to get out and socialize is just about as meaningful as the fundraising aspect of today!  Congrats to Miles City for building a new indoor arena perfect for hosting an event like today’s… and congrats to the BSRRF crew for getting it all organized.

At the roping Beau competed on various teams with his coworker Nate, with our friend (and Muggins’ hero) Bob, with a young fella named Sterling who dayworked here this last fall, and with our life partners (ha!) the Ogrens.  What I mean by life partners is that Tiff Ogren’s family was friends with my family before I was even born.  And then I was in Tiff and Stacey’s wedding.  And then they were both in our wedding.  And now we’re raising kids together.  And sometimes we disagree on something and we all have to take a break for a while… but then we just continue doing life together.  Because… well… we’re doing life together!

Unfortunately there was no prize money to be had in our circle today.  Still, we treated ourselves to supper after the roping.  We all met at Pizza Hut — with Bob and his crew and with my sister Sue and Nate and Taylor.  Then the Ogrens hauled Beau’s horse home for us… and then they took our two big kids to their house for a sleepover tonight.  So it’s 2 on 2 at our house right now… which means the odds for me and Beau are considerably higher than they usually are!


Today’s Pictures:





© Tami Blake

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