January 17, 2020


My big goal was to blog every day this year… and I made it 16 days before I ran into a glitch!  The kids were finally in bed last night, meaning my day had slowed to the point that I could sit and write… and my computer freaked out on me.  I hadn’t shut it down for a long time AND I had left several windows open (both are bad computer-ownership habits of mine), so it took me a long time to get everything tidied up and the machine closed out.  By the time the computer was asleep last night, I figured I better be too.  So I went to bed (entirely too late) without writing.  Today, thankfully, the computer seems much better.  (Proof, once again, that a little timeout can fix most problems in life.)  So here — in an effort to keep up with my goal — I’m posting a quick catch-up synopsis of yesterday.


Today’s Weather:  High of 25.  Low of minus 1.  A damp wind was blowing and it was cloudy, making it seem extra chilly today.


Today On The Ranch:  Beau was hunkered down with office work most of the day, so in between school subjects the kids and I did some work for him.  First, we delivered a thank-you gift to neighbors.  (Homemade foot scrub!  See below for my new year/newly organized way of sharing recipes!)  Then we drove across the river to the winter horse pasture to catch and load three horses to bring home.  (We Blakes hadn’t been riding for a couple weeks, and we like to turn our horses out and give them a break from life around the barn when we’re not using them.)

recipe foot scrub

IMG_4362 2

In the afternoon the kids and I headed to the Creek Place to cake cows, while Beau stayed in the office trying to tie up loose ends.  As the kids and I drove we listened to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Farmer Boy.”  (So good!)  I let 9-year-old Asher drive the pickup through each gate I had to get out to open (six of them).  He’s not big enough yet to do the gate-opening job… and jumping into the driver’s seat sure makes his day.  I’m very careful of my position when I’m outside of the pickup with the kids inside it.  Though Asher’s driving is improving all the time, I’m still a tiny bit fearful that my kids will run over me someday when I step out to get a gate!

This evening my parents stopped by for a visit.  My mom’s computer is on the fritz — it’s a more permanent condition compared to my computer’s condition — and so she hasn’t been able to read my blog at her home.  Since she is my most faithful reader, she needed to catch up with montanamama.me, and she did that at my desk while the kids kept my dad busy with near-constant requests for gum.  Grandma and Grandpa brought with them two different flavors of ice cream, as they almost always do… and as we dished up we agreed that probably only an Arvik would eat ice cream in single-digit weather!



Today’s Best Pictures:



IMG_4365 2

(On our drive to the winter horse pasture, we noted the Yellowstone had accumulated a lot more ice compared to Tuesday’s photo.  All this cold weather is adding up.)

IMG_4367 2



Later, on the road to Ingomar:

IMG_4368 2

(Who are the people who shoot at road signs?  I have never in all my rural life caught anyone doing it, or even been suspicious that someone was doing it.)


IMG_4375 2

(This sign cracks me up every time I close this gate.  It’s meant for hunters, who through Montana’s block management program are allowed access to PV land during hunting season.  I wonder who editorialized at the bottom:  “To Those Who Can’t Read Maps”?)


IMG_4372 2

(Here they come to run me over!)


© Tami Blake

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