Grandma: buck rake to beet digger

Today’s Weather:  High of 18.  Low of minus 4.  An inch of snow.  A beautiful afternoon for playing outside.


Today On The Ranch:  Both Beau’s personality and the life we’ve chosen to live — on a corporate cow ranch with a feedlot — have defied any efforts I’ve ever made to establish a routine in our lives.  The last three years, since we moved into the manager’s house here at PV headquarters, have been a whirlwind.  You might even say a tornado.  Yet here we are this January:  the fall work is done, the weather is decent, no big disasters are looming… and I (dare I say it?) am starting to feel a little bit of a daily rhythm around here.  There is the feedlot to tend to, and the folks hired to take care of it.  There are the cows to cake.  And in this quiet season, when even our toughest kids can’t play outside for more than a half hour at a time, there’s lots of time for homeschooling!


Today’s Best Photos:  I’ve been meaning to share some really cool pictures of my maternal grandmother, Peg Quest Kuntz.  Grandma is an amazing gal.  She’s 93 now and she lived in her home on the farm she and Grandpa built until just this past summer, when she moved to assisted living.  Grandma has always been spunky and tough, and she always worked outside a lot — when she wasn’t in the field, she was horseback, tending to the cow end of the business.  If nothing else, she was landscaping her impressive yard.  Grandma has never been afraid to be exceedingly proud of her family, and of the family farm, and just as much… of being an American farmer.

For Christmas this year Grandma asked that we find a way for her to display three of her favorite photos in one place.  She selected these photos because they show her farming through the generations:


1 — Grandma in 1943, driving the buck rake for her dad (Glen Quest) on his place in the Sorrel Horse Valley of the Bighorn River.



2 — Grandma in the summer of 1958, stacking hay on the farm she and Grandpa (Edwin Kuntz) built together at Custer.




3 — Grandma and grandson Chad Kuntz, harvest 2018, digging the last of that year’s sugarbeets.


This is the poster that will hang in Grandma’s room at her new place:

GG's poster big



In my very favorite picture of Grandma there’s no machinery… just a dandy palomino:

On Brandy, field below the house



She could just about do it all.  And she’s left some mighty big footsteps to follow.  Love you, Grandma!

© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “Grandma: buck rake to beet digger

  1. Having met this Grandma of yours, I would have to agree with you Tam, that she can do just about every single thing she set her mind to. She was a joy to be able to visit with and yes, she was able to give me the information that I was asking her for. Reminds me very much of yourself dear Tam!!


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