High of minus 6

Today’s Weather:  High of minus 6.  Low of minus 12.  A bit of dry snow this afternoon.


What Happened Today On The Ranch:  The work on a ranch must continue, even when frigid cold makes everything harder.  The main goals on days like this are making sure all the critters have feed and water and that any sick animals are treated.  So it was the usual docket around here:  the feed trucks at the feedlot, the cake to the cows, riding feedlot pens for health.

As for me and the kids, the two littlest spent the morning with a babysitter — my friend Amber — so that the two big ones and I could focus on schoolwork here at home.

With the rest of us busy, Beau caked at the Creek Place all by his lonesome today.  Still no water coming through the pipeline there, and now Beau is worried that the inner workings of the tank might be froze up to exacerbate the problem.  Again, the light blanket of snow on the ground is the only reason he’s able to leave the cows in that pasture.

After caking at the Creek Place, Beau cut across country to the Hayes Place, where he had to replace an outlet to keep a water tank heater going.  Good thing he happens to be something of a jack of all trades!

To give you an idea of his route today:  The Creek Place is about eight miles northwest of headquarters, here where we live.  The Hayes Place is about ten miles northwest of the Creek Place.  Like the Creek Place, the Hayes Place is named for the family that ranched on that piece of land once upon a time.  Like the Creeks, the Hayeses (or at least their descendants) sold out in the ’90s.

Legend has it that before they came to Montana, the Creeks and the Hayeses lived on neighboring farms in some state back east — Kentucky if memory serves me correctly — and that they were mortal enemies there.  Finally one or the other of them sold out and headed west.  Later the other family did the same.  Imagine their collective surprise when they discovered they had settled on homesteads just ten miles apart… in a pretty sparse neighborhood!


I was relieved when Beau made it home safely this evening.  Also very thankful for his reliable vehicle.  He went through a lot of remote country in mighty cold weather today.  When he came in, my mom and dad were at our house; they had stopped in and asked Asher to replay his 4-H demonstration for them.  They’re proud grandparents!



Today’s Best Photos:


On the way home from Amber’s house, the kids and I counted 48 (!) deer in this field along the road.

And then I had to stop on the bridge to get pictures of the mighty Yellowstone.  It’s not froze all the way across yet; it takes several days in a row of frigid temperatures to do that.  For a couple reasons:  1) the water is moving pretty fast, and 2) just a few miles above this bridge the Bighorn flows into the Yellowstone.  The water of the Bighorn comes through Yellowtail Dam on its way to the Yellowstone and so is quite a bit warmer.


© Tami Blake

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