The last day with Piggy

Today’s Weather — High of 28, low of 12.  We aren’t accustomed to this cold weather yet in 2020, and it feels downright bitter out there!  It snowed about an inch this evening, covering the bare ground we’d enjoyed for many weeks.


Today On The Ranch — It was a typically crazy day for us.  First thing this morning Beau had to head to Froze-to-Death Pasture to work on a new waterline that keeps malfunctioning.  Meanwhile, back at home, Muggins got into the flour… and this happened:




One of my goals for today was to use the last of the New Year’s ham to make ham and potato casserole, but in the thick of it, it sure seemed like food prep was taking up way too much of my morning.  In the end what I’d planned for lunch got shoved back to supper, and it was PB&Js instead.

Beau was in a hurry after lunch to get to Horse Camp to work on his second water well of the day.  Unfortunately, his afternoon didn’t go as planned.  At the well he discovered the pump he’d picked up in Billings yesterday is not the right size.  Tomorrow:  another parts run to Billings to get the right pump and return the wrong one.

Our afternoon went haywire here at the house, too.  First, we survived a long visit with a traveling seafood salesman (huh?).  I finally buckled and bought some shrimp.  Before the salesman had even left the kitchen, our friendly local state brand inspector, Matt Noyes, was in the porch and looking for Beau.  About this time — with two visitors in the house — all four of my kids decided they were ABSOLUTELY STARVING, a condition which manifests itself differently in each child.  Marsi goes into the fetal position in the corner and sobs.  Muggins wraps his arms around my thigh and his legs around my calf and won’t let go.  Emi holds the frig door open for minutes at a time.  And Asher digs into whatever’s on hand — this time, he was eating the white sauce that was bubbling on the stovetop by the spoonful… right outta the pan.  After the house finally cleared out, I had to have a visit with all the kids about how to use your manners when you’re really hungry and Mama’s really busy.

When Beau got in from Horse Camp, we remembered that Piggy’s appointment at the butcher shop is for tomorrow!  Luckily we figured we better call ahead to Project Meats to see what time.  That’s when we realized we would have to load Piggy in the trailer tonight to be ready for the trip in the early morning.  Now, Piggy — the porcine prize Asher claimed at last summer’s pig scramble in nearby Hysham — has been a well-loved pet, and Asher would love to keep him forever.  But that is not meant to be for many reasons, including the reality that pigs are called pigs for a reason.

Now, when Beau came home from Bozeman on Tuesday, he brought with him a new cow flag for each kid.  Muggins has been torturing us in the house with his:


Luckily the pig-loading gave Muggins and Marsi and their cow flags an opportunity to work!


Emi was the official trailer-gate holder when Piggy made the journey from pen to trailer:


We were afraid we’d have to use a ramp to load Piggy — he’s a little on the low-slung side — but in the end a little boost from Beau (and a big squeal from Piggy) was all it took.


And that’s the end of our family’s first piggy adventure.



This evening:  we finally got to dig into the ham and potato casserole, and we let the kids watch a little of their favorite YouTube channel (Broncs and Donks) while they ate.  Broncs and Donks is pretty fun.  Check it out!


After supper our family split:  Beau (and his coworker Bill) took the big kids to Forsyth to watch the Star Wars movie in the theater.  I stayed home with the little kids; my old friend Amber came over for a bit because we had to test out Pioneer Woman’s hot buttered rum recipe together.  (It’s a winner!)

© Tami Blake

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