Today’s Weather — High of 29.  Low of 12.  Dry, though we did start out with fog this morning.  Wonder if the old-timers’ claims that rain comes 90 days after a fog will hold true?


Today On The Ranch — Though Beau just got home from Bozeman last night, he was on the road again this morning — this time to Billings (just 70 miles west) to get parts for a broken-down feed truck and a burned-out well pump.  The good news is he took Muggins (who turns two this month!) with him on the parts run, which for me meant a productive morning at home with the big kids!  In science class we learned about icebergs:


I actually had an appointment in Billings later this afternoon, so Beau and Muggins had barely pulled into the yard before I headed out, leaving Beau at home with all four of our kiddos.  Thank you to my good husband for giving me the afternoon off, for being in charge of our little rascals so I could hear myself think for a few hours, and for being pretty good-natured about my City Brew habit:


© Tami Blake

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