What’s Inspiring Me Today — The kids and their artwork.  Asher (9) has always been a pen-and-ink artist, since he was just a little tiny guy, and now Emi (6) is following right along. This morning for school we watched a documentary on the Mongolian tradition of hunting with eagles.  It wasn’t long after we’d turned off the show that both the big kids churned out new masterpieces.  I don’t assign their drawings; it’s just what they do!

Emi 1_7_20

Asher 1_7_20


Today’s Weather — High of 44, low of 27.  Cloudy and snowing all day… that dry Eastern Montana snow that just floats around and never really accumulates.


Today On The Ranch — Beau got home from Bozeman about 7 p.m.  The kids attacked him with questions, hugs, and kisses when he came through the door, so it’s a good thing he and I had had a few good phone conversations as he drove the 3-1/2 hours home.  Though his eyes are bleary from two days of looking at spreadsheets, he reports that his budget meetings at the corporate office went well, as did his visits with the general manager.  Beau is feeling optimistic about the year — and the years — ahead on the ranch.

Highlights for me and the kids:  We all enjoyed a very chilly walk to the mailbox this morning.  Okay, okay, the girls were crying from the cold by the time we got back to the house.  Emi even said she couldn’t feel her chin!  But I do find my days generally go much better if I get out in the morning for a little fresh air and physical exertion.  Maybe, just maybe, Emi will eventually learn to dress for the weather before leaving the house?  As for Marsi, well, she’s just my HSP (that’s code for Highly Sensitive Person — more on that in a future post).

Late this afternoon the kids and I hustled to clean the house and take down Christmas decorations before Daddy came through the door.  We did get Christmas mostly disassembled around here… and now all the parts and pieces of Christmas are piled on my bed.


Favorite Pictures From Today


Muggins on the way to the mailbox.  Poor handsome guy has to wear pink mittens.




Emi and Asher on the way back up the lane.  Emi likes to wear my 1990s-era ski hat.




Our kids are such clutter bugs and junk collectors.  (Which they get from their dad.  Ahem.)  Their collective idea of a good time is dragging out all the random things from all around the yard and, honestly, from all around the ranch at large… then piling it all in plain view of anyone who might drive by.  The beauty above, they say, is a fort.  I guess it’s a different kind of art compared to the easy-to-store drawings they do sometimes.

© Tami Blake

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