January 6th.  Time to get those Christmas cards sent out.

I like Christmas cards a lot.  I like receiving them from friends and family.  I pore over the photos.  I savor the newsletters.  Then I tape them all up in the kitchen and leave them there until late spring.

I am always amazed by the Christmas cards that come right after Thanksgiving.  (Like, who is that organized?)  Then there are those that land in our mailbox in the days right before Christmas, just adding to the magic of the season.  A few more straggle in in that cozy week between Christmas and New Year’s, reaffirming my belief that the last week of December should be mandatory vacation in at least the U.S.

And we certainly get a chuckle out of the rare Christmas cards that show up super late… like, in January or even February.  Not because they’ve been lost in the mail… but because somebody never got around to sending them out.

That’s us this year.  Actually, that’s us most years.  Truth be told, I didn’t send out any Christmas cards in 2018 or 2017 because I just didn’t think I could reasonably add another responsibility to my list in those seasons.  But this year the pictures were too good not to share with every distant relative, not to mention all the friends we’ve ever had.  The pictures themselves were crying out to be printed on heavy cardstock and mass-mailed around the country!


That’s Taxi — God bless him! — carrying all four kids.  Taxi has been Beau’s top horse for a couple years now, but Beau (don’t tell him) is slowly losing his stake.  Turns out 9-year-old Asher is just about ready for a horse like Taxi… and turns out Taxi has a soft spot for kids.




When we were vacationing in Alabama this past July, a professional photographer came to Beau’s grandmother’s lake house one morning and photographed the entire family in several different sittings.  This one of our little crew just seemed like it needed to be printed on a Christmas card.  That’s 6-year-old Emi on my lap, Asher standing, and 4-year-old Marsi with 1-year-old Muggins on Beau’s lap.


So I ordered 150 Christmas cards.  And I know who they all need to go to.  All that’s left to do is address the envelopes and get them to the mailbox.  I think I can do this… probably before February even!



Today’s Weather — Cloudy and breezy.  High of 40.  Low of 24.  Snow was coming down pretty heavy (but not adding up) as the kids and I drove between Hysham and Forsyth this evening.


Today On The Ranch — Beau remains in Bozeman for budget meetings.  Tonight, as per tradition, he joined the general manager for dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill… which always makes me chuckle.  I guess the official stance of Kroenke Ranches must be that neither Ted Turner nor his bison are a threat to the beef industry.

As for me and the kids, we enjoyed an interruption-free homeschool day.  Muggins even napped for a couple solid hours in the afternoon, which is an amazing W in my life and gave the rest of us extra time to study readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic.  For a treat this evening I drove the kids to the nearest public library, 40 miles to the east, where we also bemoaned the fact that the Dairy Queen in Forsyth is closed for January.


Favorite Pictures From Today — Three more great ones from last summer in Alabama.


Our kids with their paternal grandparents and great-grandparents.  These photos are extra special because just four months after they were taken, we were in Alabama again, this time to bury Beau’s dad.



The six of us with Beau’s immediate family.



Beau’s entire extended family — his maternal grandparents, parents and siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins… what a special memory was captured here.

© Tami Blake

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