Today’s Weather — Still mild, though very windy.  High of 56.  Low of 34.


Today On The Ranch — Unless it’s a busy season of the year — branding, weaning, etc. — Beau tries to make sure all the ranch employees have Saturday afternoon off.  He often ends up working extra hours, though, which I suppose is just part of being the boss.  He worked in his office ’til mid-afternoon today, still crunching numbers for the upcoming budget meetings.  About 3:30 our whole family piled into the ranch pickup and headed to the Upper House pasture at The Creek Place to cake cows.  Cake — I realized I’ve neglected to define this word — is a protein supplement that cattle go crazy for, and in the winter PV cows on grass are fed 4+ pounds of it every other day (depending on the severity of the weather).

I love caking cows — whether I am trusted to do the job all by myself or whether I’m tagging along with Beau as he drives.  It’s one of my favorite things to do this time of year.  It’s getting away from the crowded ranch headquarters where we live — where phones are constantly ringing and neighbors are constantly near and thousands of calves mill and breathe in feedlot pens that start just a few feet away from our yard fence.  It’s heading up and away from the Yellowstone Valley, into high and wide-open pastures, seeing the countryside and visiting the mama cows in their fuzzy winter coats.  It grounds me.  It brings me back to, Okay, this is what we like about agriculture.


Favorite Pictures From Today — Taken at The Creek Place as we waited for cows to come in for cake.  In the third picture, one of very few PV cows that is not completely black; Beau is very proud of her.  (He grew up around colorful eared cows in the Southeast and still yearns for them; every once in a while he tries to sneak a colorful PV replacement heifer under the radar, though as far as the ranch’s general manager knows, every cow here is black and nothing else.)





© Tami Blake

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