The extra pictures

As promised — though, of course, a day later than I originally proposed — these are the pictures that were NOT part of the final 12 chosen for this year’s PV calendar.  When picking the final photos for each year’s calendar, we always try to make sure every full-time employee is represented and that the photos are somewhat seasonally appropriate to the month they represent.  In the end only 12 can make it in… which of course means that there are many that don’t make it.  I love them all, though, and all these below were last-minute cuts.




I really love this one of Brian, Tyrell, Nate, and Beau roping in the branding pen at Hayes Northfork… but in the end decided it was a little too fuzzy to blow up on a calendar:

Ty : Northfork



I love the action in this photo of Beau’s horse, Fish.  Taken at the VX:

Beau - Fish 2




I tried many times to get a good picture of Ben this year, even attempting to surprise him when I swung open the door of the truck he was using to haul hay.  He hates having his picture taken, though, and usually outsmarts me.





This is just a fun one of part of the crew from here at headquarters, in our dining room and celebrating Bill’s birthday:

Bill 3




Driving home from a visit to Horse Camp one evening this fall I caught the sunset and a sliver of a moon behind the sign at the head of the road to Butte Camp:

Butte Camp




The bright green landscape, dotted with freshly-rolled bales of hay, was absolutely stunning the day we branded at Indian Springs in July.  This photo is special because our niece Tay is front and center with her vaccine guns — this past summer was the first she got to be a part of the branding crew.

Indian Springs




Such a great picture, taken by KNZ Design, of Nate on Foot at this year’s Custer Ranch Rodeo.  I actually had this picture printed on a first draft of the calendar and was surprised that it was a little fuzzy when blown up.  Another great one of Nate made the final draft… but I will always like this one too.





A neat one of ranch headquarters on Thanksgiving morning:

ranch from above




This one is representative of the changing times.  For a century, when the Grierson family and descendants owned the ranch, all the buildings at the PV were white.  But about 19 years ago Mr. Kroenke purchased the ranch from the Griersons, and in recent years he has requested that all the ranch buildings undergo a transformation to brown with green roofs.  So a few more buildings have been painted each summer for several summers now… and this past summer it was the bunkhouse’s turn for a makeover:

tiny 2





Beau sold a load of scrap metal in the spring and used the cash to buy caps for the crew.  Here’s Muggins wearing his:





Another great photo by KNZ Design:  Tyrell at the Custer Ranch Rodeo.






Beau took this one, using his phone, in March.  The frost was going out at 5 Sections and Beau, in an attempt to feed cows, got his pickup good and stuck:

vertical pickup




A photo very similar to this one DID end up in the calendar, but I think this one’s cool because it’s hard to see Bill — standing atop a grain bin, he blends in with the feed chutes leading away from the feeder leg.

Bill 2



And finally, our kids and Sam’s kids watching Beau sew up a prolapsed yearling:



© Tami Blake

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