2020 PV calendar!

As 2019 comes to its end, I need to take a minute to recognize and thank the PV crew.  Call them cowboys, call them coworkers, call them hired men, call them friends; at the end of the day they are the faces of this corporate ranch.  Some of them, like Vergal and Joe and Ben, have worked here since I was a girl.  Others, like Tyrell and Jacob and Sam, only a year or two.  And then there is my dad, who has ridden for the brand since long before I was born and whose relationship with the ranch has shaped my life and the lives of many others.

Beau and I have been in the manager’s house here at the PV for a little over three years now, and the other people who work here have been with us through some serious ups and downs since then.  I’m sure there were times they might’ve thought Beau doesn’t know what he’s doing here or (more likely) Beau’s wife is totally crazy.  But, to their credit, the ones who matter have continued to show up.  And better than that, they get the job done efficiently.  It’s beyond obvious to say that we couldn’t get it done here without this great crew.  December 2019 alone has been a testament to their collective character, determination, loyalty, and endurance.

The photos I choose for each year’s PV calendar are meant to honor and recognize the crew.  Below are those I chose for the 2020 calendar, which we’ll give as Christmas presents tomorrow night at the ranch Christmas party.


Cover — PV cow / branding at South Butte Creek


January — Tawny feeding calves and treating kids


February — Jacob on a frosty morning


March — Brian at Horse Camp / photo by Leesa Buonagurio

vertical Brian

April — rainy day shipping yearlings


May — Nate and Tyrell heading and heeling / branding at Hayes Northfork

Ty : Nate

June — Beau heading, Brian heeling, Tyrell at right / branding at the VX

Beau - Fish 3

July — Sam with daughter Kaelyn / photo by Brittany Staley

Sam 2

August — Joe building a loop at South Butte

vertical Joe

September — Bill atop a grain bin at headquarters


October — Vergal age-branding replacement heifers


November — Harold (my dad) with granddaughter Emilyn


December — the windmill / branding at Hayes Northfork



Coming tomorrow:  great pictures from this year that didn’t quite make the cut!

© Tami Blake

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