2 days ’til Christmas

Today at our house we celebrated Christmas Adam — because, as 9-year-old Asher readily points out, Adam always comes before Eve.  Ha!

So the kids’ big goal for today was to create a December 23 / Christmas Adam tradition for our family to enjoy for years to come.  Their hopes were high:  we would bake cookies and deliver them around the neighborhood, then have a present-wrapping extravaganza when Daddy made it home for the evening, then maybe even open one present each before bedtime!

Unfortunately my reality today did not match up to my kids’ big plans (as is often the case).  I tried all day to get the kitchen clean so we could start baking, but you know how it goes with me and the kitchen cleaning… so in the end we only got to do the chocolate-dipped pretzels and NO deliveries.

And Daddy, also known as my husband Beau, had a long day.  He left the house far before daylight, and was gone all day working at the VX without cell service, and his pickup and trailer finally rattled back into the yard about 6:30 tonight.  There was still a truck-full of dry cows to unload, and not long after he finally came in the house, friends stopped by with their own Christmas delivery for us, and after a good visit with them Beau and I couldn’t do much besides flop down in the living room for a quick “family” cartoon (what would we do without the TV?!), and there Beau fell asleep in the recliner, and there he remains.


If you’re a regular reader here, first of all thanks for reading (!), and second you probably remember that on December 9 (in 16 days ’til Christmas), I wrote that we had found ourselves to be extremely behind schedule on ranch work this fall, that there were still 1,300 calves to wean and 3,500 cows to preg here at the PV, and that Beau had projected the seemingly-unlikely goal of finishing it all before Christmas.  I’ve been as faithful as possible in chronicling the days since then for a couple reasons:  1) to keep readers up to date, and 2) because previously, whenever we’ve had to make big pushes like this to pull off a project — be it the Bad Winter of ’18 or just another ranch rodeo — we’ve later looked back and wished we’d written down the details as we were living it.

So it’s amazing how fast these past two weeks have gone.  Beau’s mornings were way early, his days were way long, his right thumb is jammed (a cow kicked at the hot shot and got his hand on Saturday), and he figures — as one might expect — that his crew has just about seen enough of each other for a few days.  But you know what?  They did it.  Save a few stragglers that might be out there somewhere still, every last PV calf is officially weaned.  Every last PV cow is officially pregged.  And by noon tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, every last calf will be processed and tucked into its feedlot pen here at headquarters for a long winter nap.

I figured Beau would either be exhausted or elated by the time he made it home tonight with the news that the big push was finished.

And the bad news is… he says it feels like somebody has unplugged his battery.  Which I think can probably be expected.  Here’s hoping a little rest and relaxation — not to mention comfort and joy — will recharge him.


© Tami Blake

3 thoughts on “2 days ’til Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Tami Jo, Beau, and all the little Blake’s. First of all congratulations to Beau on completing your goal that we read about in the (16 days ‘till Christmas) blog and followed each day!! Quite an accomplishment. Tami we want to thank you for keeping us informed and sharing with us all the happenings around the ranch, the county, and our hometown of Hysham. It keeps us in tune with where and how we grew up, and keeps us in touch with our roots. Thanks and keep up the wonderful blog from Montana Mama. Happy New Year and May 2020 be a blessed year for the Blake family. Warmest Regards…from your Portland OR fans. The Moerkerke’s


    1. Hello Moerkerkes! Thanks for reading and for the kind words and the good wishes for the new year… we wish all the same for your family! Really appreciate your support and that you stay in touch. I just realized a couple days ago that the Olson pasture just off the Ingomar Road is the Moerkerke place. I will have to ask Dad the history on it : )


      1. Hi Tami. Yes both our families (Joy’s & mine) have history on the “Northside” as my Dad called it way back when we were growing up. Great memories for sure. We will be coming home in March to open up the Hysham house for the summer. If you have some time it would be fun to visit with you over a cup of coffee about the families history. Take care. Warmest Regards—Bob & Joy


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