10 days ’til Christmas

Beau stayed home with our two boys yesterday afternoon because the girls and I had a hot date!  We loaded up with my sister Sue, niece Taylor, and mom Belva, and we gals embarked on a girls-only shopping trip to Billings.  Lots of giggles, lots of tall tales, lots of packages wedged under our feet in the car for the drive home.

We flew away to Buckaroo Businesses, to Cabela’s, to World Market and to the mall.  Our last stop on the way out of town was a visit with my 93-year-old grandma, Peg, at her new place in town.  (Grandma’s the one largely responsible for the tall tales we heard yesterday.)  Here’s the resulting four-generation photo:


I think I take a few traits from my grandma, including her willingness to pick a fight.  Last night I asked her if the folks at her home have been treating her good.

“Oh yes,” she said, then added, “Sometimes I get in a spittin’ match with the nurse, but it just helps to relieve the pressure.”

Ha ha!  Well said, Grandma!

What a fun day with these gals.  We agreed we need to do it more often!

© Tami Blake

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