Pease Bottom Halloween

Our little section of the Yellowstone Valley is called the Pease Bottom — so named for an early-day Army fort which underwent considerable Crow pressure and only existed for a couple years a long, long time ago.  But the name stuck.

Still today many of my traditions and memories are specific to Pease Bottom style, including trick-or-treating.

When I was a kid Halloween found me and my mom traveling up and down the lanes of the Pease Bottom with the Robinson family, who then lived at Butte Camp here on the PV.  Jake and Emily and I would scamper up to each neighbor’s front door and proclaim our intent to trick or treat and oft as not we were awarded, back in those days when gals like Martha and Nona still lived, with homemade treats like candied apples and popcorn balls.

That was 30 years ago, and though many things have changed in the Pease Bottom since then, the annual occasion of donning costumes and visiting far-flung neighbors survives… through my children and their friends.

The crew we took trick-or-treating this Halloween:

Asher a dwarf from The Hobbit, Colt a cavalry soldier, Emi as Heather from How to Train Your Dragon, Muggins a survivor of an Indian attack, Rylee as Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon, and Marsi a baby doll.



This year — and I’m very proud of this — I made our kids stick to the plan that they must create their costumes out of stuff we already had on hand.  I had told them many months ago that we wouldn’t be buying new costumes this year… and it worked!  Throughout Halloween Day we underwent many costume changes in our house.  At one point Marsi was a gypsy and Asher a duck hunter…

IMG_2922 2

… but then there were changes of heart and resulting costume changes.  Finally it was time to go and I snapped a few quick photos (below) of not exactly the costumes they decided on but rather the costumes they were wearing when there was no time left to change their minds!  It was another fun Halloween with our friends the Ogrens.  We’ve been trick-or-treating together with our kids for nine years now.











© Tami Blake

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