Pregging Day Menu

Fall works are just getting underway around here; yesterday was the second day of preg-checking replacement heifers.  The kids and I hauled a hot lunch out to the crew working heifers through the corrals at South Butte Creek.  Here’s what I packed in the coolers and served off the back of the flatbed pickup:

– taco soup with fixings:  sour cream, cheese, and Fritos

– cornbread with butter and honey

– caramel rolls for dessert

– coffee and iced tea


My sister gave me a great recipe for taco soup a few years ago.  Because I’ve never really had a special recipe for chili, and because I think this taco soup is just as good as the best chili I’ve ever had, I consider it to be my version of chili!  I really cut down on the liquid called for in the original recipe so it’s more of a stew consistency — this prevents excessive sloshing out of the pot as we bounce over hill and dale to get to the corrals — and results in a hearty bowl of beef and beans.

Here’s how I made it yesterday — this fed my family of six plus six more adults with lots of leftovers.  I think this recipe would easily feed 20, maybe 25.


Taco Stew

serves 20-25

Brown 6 pounds hamburger.  Season with dried onion flakes and salt and pepper.  Drain the drippings from the hamburger.

In a giant stockpot combine the burger with 10 regular-size cans of beans (pinto and black; drain most of the cans, but if you add some liquid to the stew it really amps up the flavor) and four 28-ounce cans of petite diced tomatoes.  Stir in 4 cups chicken broth, 2 cups of frozen corn, 4 packets of ranch dressing mix, and 4 packets of taco seasoning.  Simmer… the longer the better.  Serve with yummy fixings!



Muggins got a nap on the hour-long drive to South Butte.




He made a point of hamming it up once we got there.




Beau is so good about letting the kids “help” him.






A closer look at 6-year-old Emi.  She is developing a unique sense of style!




The girls have discovered the selfie setting on my phone!




Last picture of the day, of Vergal performing his annual rite:  age-branding the bred replacement heifers.  I’m thinking this pic will make the 2020 PV calendar!

© Tami Blake

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