Places to go: Bozeman’s Museum of the Rockies


Beau had to travel to Bozeman last month for work-related meetings, and this time the kids and I hitched a ride with him.  While he was working the rest of us lounged in the hotel swimming pool and of course we got familiar with the local Subway (because, as far as my kids are concerned:  Where else would anybody want to eat?!).  Then, when Beau was finished with his meetings, we all set out for the Museum of the Rockies.

Montana — according to the pamphlet I brought home — has yielded some of the world’s most significant dinosaur discoveries.  Did you know that the first T. rex, as well as the largest T. rex ever unearthed, were both found in Montana?  A new project called the Montana Dinosaur Trail ( guides scientists both young and old on a self-guided journey through the state, making stops at all the significant dino discoveries and displays along the way — and the Museum of the Rockies is a main stop.

Besides the dinosaurs, there are other things to love about the Museum of the Rockies:

* the hands-on kids’ museum upstairs which showcases Yellowstone National Park’s geothermal features

* the amazing planetarium, where we were all wowed by a 20-minute show that proved to us just how small we are compared to the universe.

Our admission to the museum was good for two days, which we took advantage of.  We Blakes say the Museum of the Rockies is a worthwhile place to go in Montana!


© Tami Blake

2 thoughts on “Places to go: Bozeman’s Museum of the Rockies

  1. The museum is a place I would like to visit someday as well. I love that MT holds the “prize” for largest found and such, but I always like to tell people that if the other more populated states would quit paving over everything that dinosaurs would be found there too.


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