We started drinking chicory

The title says it all.  And by “we” I mean Beau.  I still drink some real coffee now and then.  But my dearly betrothed — who will always have the Deep South running through his Alabama-born veins — seems to have really and truly given up coffee in favor of good ol’ Louisiana chicory.  He feels better for it, and I’m proud of him for saying no to caffeine in favor of his health.

Beau and I didn’t grow into the coffee habit until we were into our 30s.  Oh sure, we both drank a little here and there before that, but we didn’t start making it at home until we were on our third kid and it became a conduit to survival.  We prefer making ours with a French press, and we prefer it on the weaker side of “float a horseshoe.”

If you know Montana cowboys, you know most of ’em drink lotsa coffee… and they like it thick.  There almost seems to be a contest going on amongst Beau’s coworkers to find out who can handle the rankest coffee.  The other thing about cowboys is that they love to steal nips out of each others’ thermoses.  So while Beau was drinking the (dare I say reasonable?) coffee from our home, he was also drinking some amount of the really strong stuff every day.

The real question is how guys can drink a ton of coffee and sleep, too.  It took us a long time to figure it all out, probably because denial was playing a strong hand, but Beau finally came to the conclusion that coffee was probably contributing to his restless sleep and night-time arm and leg cramps.

Once he became convinced that coffee was probably the culprit, he has been amazingly resolute about saying no to it.  He tried tea as a replacement for a while, but I think tea probably didn’t seem manly enough for him, so he brainstormed for a while and finally remembered chicory.  We ordered some off of Amazon and, well, he’s totally sold on it.  The best news is he’s sleeping a lot better.

Chicory is not the same as coffee, but I’ll admit it’s probably an acceptable substitute.  Ah, heck, I’m even growing to like it.  He’s not even home right now — and look — I just made myself a pot.  No sugar and cream even… because I can make my own healthy decisions, thank you very much.


© Tami Blake

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