Man oh man, is time moving fast or what?!  It’s been well over a week since my last post and there just hasn’t been a spare moment for me to sit down and update my imaginary blog readers!  At this stage of my life blogging minutes must be traded in for sleep minutes.  So it’s 6:10 on Sunday morning, everybody else is asleep (fingers crossed that it stays that way!), and I’m going to try to whip out a post right here and right now before the chaos resumes.

A quick look through pictures I haven’t yet shared with you:



I thought this one of our New Year’s Day meal turned out rather nicely (I’ve written before about how photographing food is harder than it looks).  So Beau, being a born Southerner, needs his greens, ham, cornbread, black-eyed peas, and sweet tea to get any new year off on the right foot.  I often tell him that I wouldn’t even know what most of those foods are if not for him.  Seriously, before we met, I’d never had collards.  Or black-eyed peas (or any sort of field pea for that matter).  Or sweet tea.  Or what Southerners consider to be cornbread (a very savory, crumbly sponge specifically on one’s plate for sopping up the pot likker, or juice, from the peas and the collards — DEFINITELY NOT ON ONE’S PLATE FOR SOPPING UP HONEY AND BUTTER — I learned that lesson the embarrassing way, with a tableful of soon-to-be family members frozen in shock and fear and hidden amusement as they waited to see how my soon-to-be mother-in-law would respond to my request for honey).

But that’s a story for another time!  Back to here and now.  We celebrated Emi’s recent sixth birthday with ice-skating (first time for most of our family)…


… and a two-tier polka-dot bakery cake as per her request…


… and a stay in a hotel with a pool!




Muggins just celebrated a birthday, too, and he definitely thinks he is king of the castle.  His weird obsession with the toilet continues.


He is a Character with a capital C, a danger to himself and others, always looking to scale the heights of our house (I’ve caught him standing on top, and I mean on top, of the piano more than once), always looking for some interesting morsel to pop in his mouth (the other day Beau discovered a small piece of chain, like from a necklace, in his dirty diaper).  Let’s just say he’s keeping my veins cleared out for me.




Caking cows with Daddy is a very bright spot in our day-to-day this time of year.


(Love this pic of the kids helping Dad load cake.)




Sometimes the kids get bored in Daddy’s work pickup when Daddy’s dealing with actual work stuff and they use his phone to take, say, 30 photos that look just like this one (that’s right-handy-man Bill standing at the window):



Sometimes the kids get ahold of Daddy’s phone in the house and take, say, 75 photos that look a lot like this one (do you remember being a kid and wanting to take pictures of your toys?  I vaguely do):



Sometimes the kids and I have frustrating days.  Sometimes the work of keeping the baby boy alive, the weighty responsibility of homeschooling the two big kids, and the stress of feeling like I’m not doing great at any of it just seems like a huge load.  This picture just sums up days like that and my inability to control everything or even 25% of things:


What happened was:  I buckled and let the kids have a late-afternoon snack of fruit loops (strike 1).  I looked up at some point to discover the baby was standing on the table (strike 2), the 8-year-old had spilled about half a gallon of milk on the other end of the table (strike 3), and the 3-year-old had positioned Tiny Cowgirl hot-tub-style on the edge of her cereal bowl (strike 4).  At times like this there’s nothing to do but laugh and take a picture.



These kids of ours.  God bless ’em.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything, but you know what nobody ever told me?  Kids.  Are.  A lot.  Of work.


(Pictures like this one give me hope for the future.)


People say that someday soon I’ll look back and wonder how these years with littles went by so quickly.  So I’m trying to relish every day, I really am.


Fresh air helps.


I’ll sign off this morning with a bonus picture!  Beau took this one while the guys were moving the ol’ Clydesdales to winter pasture:


Hope you have a beautiful February day!

© Tam Blake

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