Blake Baby Stats

This week we celebrate two birthdays in our family:  Emilyn turned 6 yesterday and Baby Muggins will turn 1 on Saturday.  (And there went the fastest year of my life.)

We sure didn’t intend to bring two kids into the world with such close birthdays, but if having kids has confirmed anything for me, it’s that you can’t control everything!  Still, looking back over our child-bearing years, there are some fun patterns to see…

All our babies were born in the same hospital, in the same room even, in Miles City, Montana.  The same doctor attended the first three births, then retired, so a second doctor attended at Muggins’ birth a year ago.  Beau and I didn’t invite any friends or family to join us in the delivery room, but my sister — who delivers babies for other people at the same hospital — was in the room within an hour after each birth.

Asher was born on a Friday at 5:54 p.m.  He weighed 7.10 and measured 20 inches.

Emilyn was born on a Wednesday at 12:06 p.m.  She weighed 7.11 and measured 19 inches.

Marsielle was born on a Monday at 9:51 a.m.  She weighed 7.8 and measured 20-3/4 inches.

Muggins was born on a Friday at 12:28 p.m.  He weighed 7.10 and measured 21 inches.

(A quick little shout out to the OB nurses.  Sorry, Sis, but the nurses are the ones doing all the hard work!  I became so attached to the nurse who helped me through our firstborn’s birth that I considered her to be my best friend for several months postpartum.  I had never seen her before that day and I haven’t seen her since, but she will always hold a special place in my heart!)

Asher, the firstborn, was the only baby I delivered naturally.  I had taken a hypno-birthing class from a dear friend in preparation for his birth and totally bought into the “Childbirth is a natural process for females.  If you relax and let your body do what it already knows how to do, you will practically levitate through a pain-free birth” mantra.  What I failed to realize was that I would actually have to hypnotize myself to achieve complete zen on the big day.  When I experienced anything but pain-free labor with him, I panicked, which of course made everything worse.  Long story short, he indeed came into the world naturally… but Beau was extremely relieved when I surrendered to the epidural needle with the next three.  I think I’ll always feel a little bit like a sissy for saying yes to the drugs, but they sure made life easy.  And I needed to save my strength, because…

None of our babies have been natural sleepers.  Every single one of them valiantly fought bedtime, nap time, the carseat, and generally sleeping for more than 45 minutes at a stretch… until we got tough and gave them no other choice.  To date, Baby Muggins is still naughtily protesting the carseat, but he has gotten fairly used to the idea that when I put him in the crib I won’t be coming back ’til morning.  I usually buckle and retrieve him at about 5 a.m., and let me tell you, he has his internal clock set to 5 a.m. on the dot.  Most likely our sleep difficulties through the years have been the result of Mama error, but looking back, and even after four, I still don’t know what I would do differently.

That said, none of our babies ever had a bottle or even a pacifier.  (Not that I blame others for using those things.  It’s just that I have this little voice inside my head that says there’s honor in doing things the hard way.)

A little trip through our photo album:




imgsvr.ashx (1)



imgsvr.ashx (3)






And that is how our family has grown.  It’s sure been a blessed journey, and we thank God for choosing us to raise these little ones.

© Tami Blake

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