2019 PV Ranch calendar

For a couple years now I’ve used pictures taken throughout the year here on the PV to put together a calendar to give as Christmas gifts to Beau’s coworkers.  I’m learning more as I go about how to run the create-a-calendar program I use (again, Costco Photo Center for me!) and what types of photos look good in the finished product.  I prefer very large pictures always always always, so that means I aim to use just one photo per month on the calendars.  Horizontal photos work best because the calendar pages are horizontal.

The really tricky part is using the best pictures AND making sure every ranch employee is represented in the pages of the calendar.  I was low on pictures from this year because I am currently in between cameras, so I asked some of Beau’s coworkers and my fellow ranch wives to contribute.  With everyone pitching in, we ended up with some super cool images.  See below!



(On the cover, by Charlie Arvik.)


kaitlyn 3

(January by Tucker Boyd.)


nate 7

(February by Nate Roskelley.)



(March by Charlie Arvik.  Brian Buonagurio is pictured.)



(April by Charlie Arvik.  Jacob Brenneman is pictured.)




(May by Charlie Arvik.  Harold Arvik pictured.)



(Also May, by Leesa Buonagurio.  Brian and Levi Buonagurio pictured.)



(June by Charlie Arvik.  Joe Fox pictured.)





(July by me — Tami Blake.  Beau Blake pictured.)



jessica 3

(August by Jessica Waddington.  Tyrel Waddington pictured.)




(September by Charlie Arvik.  Vergal Aydelott pictured.)




(October by Charlie Arvik.)




(November by me — Tami Blake.  Those are my own kids with, from left, Bill Green, Ben Worm, and Tawny Worm.)



(December by me — Tami Blake.  Riding from left:  Tucker Boyd, Sam Staley, Jacob Brenneman.)



As ever, there were some…

Great Pictures That Didn’t Make the Cut


Gathered and ready to brand — by Aubry Brenneman.



Branding new bulls in the springtime — by Tami Blake.



Waiting on the ropers — by Charlie Arvik.



The Terrible Winter that turned into the Big Flood — by Beau Blake.


kaitlyn 4

Tucker Boyd — by Kaitlin Boyd.


leesa 2

Big push to the Horse Camp corrals — by Leesa Buonagurio.



Beau’s favorite from his iPhone — daytime moon and a rider on the horizon.




Beau’s second favorite from his iPhone — above the fog @ Horse Creek Crossing.  Shadow of rider to the right.




Grandpa and Asher, a mucky day in the processing shed — by Tami Blake.



Bill at the fire pit — Tami Blake.



Vergal and Joe telling tall tales — by Charlie Arvik.



Sam Staley after a fight with a tube of goo in the shop — by Beau Blake.


nate 3

Clouds on a reservoir — by Nate Roskelley.



I sure can’t take the credit for most of these great photos, but I sure do enjoy looking at them and hope you do too.  Thanks so much to all who contributed!

Okay, I think I’m officially ready for 2019 to start.

© Tami Blake

3 thoughts on “2019 PV Ranch calendar

  1. Wonderful photos and calendar shots Tami. The photos sure does keep us out of state Montanan’s hearts a little closer to home!! Your blog does the same thing as well. Are you selling the 2019 Ranch Calendar. We’d sure buy one. 😊:-) keep up the wonderful writing and we’ll see you in the spring.
    Warmest Regards—Bob & Joy Moerkerke


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