For My Family

This morning’s post is mostly for my family — it’s a quick ‘n’ easy way to show my mom and my sister’s family (possibly encompassing 50% of my readership there) our recently-taken family photos, which arrived in my mailbox yesterday on a thumb drive.  We’ve all been excited to see them, and I know that some of us (thinking of you, Tay!) have Christmas cards and that annual Christmas photo calendar to get to work on.

These photos were all taken by Skillen-Robison Photography, a.k.a. a college student named Shiloh (I used to babysit her and her sister when they were little girls).  Shiloh really did a great job with these pictures and we highly recommend her!

Without further ado, because I’ve got lots of other things to do today…


Here’s the whole extended family!


It all got started with my parents:

Arviks 2

And now my sister has her own family…

Gallos 3

… and I have mine:


(In hindsight I regret my coat choice for the day… but I knew it was a gamble when I put it on.  Ya win some, ya lose some.)

These days my parents are grandparents:

G&G with cousins color

G&G w N&T

cousins color


Picture day was a hard day for my littlest kiddos, but Shiloh managed to get a smile out of everybody but Marsi:


It wasn’t easy but she got Muggins:


And the big kids were easy!  Here’s Em:

Em color

And Asher:

Ash color

Our niece Tay:


And nephew Nate:



Here, the two Gallo kids together:

Nate & Tay

And there was no good picture to be had of the Blake kids all together:

bad day

BUT I am very fond of this one of me and my kids:

me and mine color

(I’m going to use this picture to shamelessly promote my blog, because that’s how Pioneer Woman got started, and clearly she did something right.  I’ll be making millions and selling my own instant pots and bedding before we know it!)


A few more favorites from the day…

Mitch w kids

silly girls color

the girls color


There are so many more great ones, but this is a good start.  Happy Tuesday, everyone!

words © Tam Blake

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