Party guests!

On Sunday we hosted Asher’s 8th birthday party here at the house.  Beau and I keep joking that we just never learn:  every year we let our (very social) son draw up the guest list for his birthday party, and every year the party is total bedlam (this year we had 30 kids and 23 adults inside our house on a rainy day), and every year after everyone heads home Beau and I collapse onto the couch and say, “We’re never doing that again.”

But I have to admit that this year’s party went great, despite the weather and despite the sheer number of bodies (many of them being rough and wild little boys) we packed into our smallish space.  There were a few incidents among the kids — but no blood and hopefully no emotional scars suffered (it is always my fear that something will happen between kids while they’re at my house that will result in one or all of them sitting in a therapist’s office 20 years down the road).

We had hoped to spend most of the party out in the yard, but clouds and rain drove all but the brave indoors.  Beau saved the day by taking most of the kids on a “nature hike” up the hill in the horse pasture.  Most of them came back in need of dry clothing, but the hike got them out of the house for a good half hour and helped them burn off some energy.

My sis was wielding her camera and got a few fun photos!


(Blowing out candles on a platter full of cupcakes.  I have a love/hate relationship with cupcakes.  So handy as far as no cutting, no plates… but so crumbly.  I guess… what are crumbs when you’ve got 30 kids in your house?  Oh, and that’s me in the background there, clutching at my palpitating heart.  How can he already be eight years old?!)



(Our porch was piled knee-deep with tiny muck boots.)



(We had a tipi full of girls!  [I also have a love-hate relationship with the tipi that lives inside our house.  So much fun but also so in the way.])



(My sister, Sue, is always so good about making sure to get a photo of our grandma, Peg Kuntz, with whatever great-grandkids are on hand at any event.  From left to right Grandma’s pictured with Layne Duncan, Asher Blake, Taylor Gallo, Nate Gallo, Muggins Blake, Emi Blake, Tavee Duncan, Marsi Blake, and Quade Duncan.  That’s 9 of her 24 greats.)



(I like this close-up of Grandma with Muggins.  They just look and look and look at each other.  Grandma is totally bewildered by Muggins’ name.  She says things like, “What ever happened to good old-fashioned simple names, like Bob and Tom?”  And she also says things like, “If all these kids here today went to public school, we’d be playing Class B teams!”  But I love her anyway.  She’s spunky, and sometimes a spunky gal just can’t stop the words from coming out her mouth.)



(Aw, this boy.  Already in his life he has been such a blessing — not only to me and Beau but to so many others.  He makes friends wherever he goes and he is totally worth celebrating — even if we have to do it with a blow-out bash like the one we just survived.  I have to admit, I had been taking a little break from entertaining since Muggins’ birth 9 months ago, but this party reminded me that it really is fun to get a bunch of folks together, and I truly do enjoy hosting.  [Cue Beau’s grimace and groan here.]  Less than 3 months ’til Emi’s birthday party!)

© Tam Blake

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