Behold, another prodigy!

Yes, I am the crazy mom with the tendency to see genius in my kids’ scribblings.  Yet I just have to say that 5-year-old Emi is really coming into her artistic own lately.

Emi 6

Her art differs greatly from her big brother’s.  Asher has probably gone through 200 black and brown markers in his short life.  His masterpieces are full of tiny ink-smudged details.  In contrast, Emi’s art is big and splashy and full of bright colors.

Emi flower

Why would a flower have just one color of petals?

Emi has been interested in trick-riding for several months now, but I think this particular drawing best sums up her interest and her quirky personality:

Emi 1

I’m starting to think she has a thing for elephants:

Emi 7

(You did know that elephants smile, right?)

I like her recent depiction of the nativity…

Emi 5

… and the way she tends to sign her name in three different colors.  What a girl!

She has a serious leaning towards fashion, and she often draws up a quick depiction of a certain hat or dress that suits her fancies:

Emi 3

Perhaps she has a future in Kentucky?

She is a serious lover.  A committed peacemaker in the family.  She wouldn’t harm a fly if she could help it.  She is an interesting little creature… an enthusiastic addition to our homeschool this year… and it’s sure fun getting to know her.

Emi 8

(This is how our family looks through Emi’s eyes.)

© Emi’s mama

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