Letter from home

Back when I worked at a weekly newspaper and my Aunt Arlene from Minnesota received a free subscription, she gushed that receiving the paper in the mail every week was just like getting a regular “letter from home.”  It has occurred to me that, in this crazy-busy stage of my life, probably the best effort I can give towards writing is of the letter-from-home variety.  Right now I just don’t have the brainpower for much more than reporting the essential facts!  So here goes, sweet Aunt Arlene — a quick update on us:


Like I said, life here is crazy and busy.  Though we wouldn’t have it any other way, sometimes… wow… I wonder what it would be like to live less hectic.

Beau’s lifelong friend — Uncle Jim as far as the kids are concerned — is here for a visit from Alabama.  Beau and the cowboys have been busy gathering bulls out of the cows, leaving around 5 a.m. each day to beat the heat.  Uncle Jim is riding on short days and hanging out with those of us who are home-bound the rest of the time.

The farrier was here yesterday working on the kid horses.  We are so excited about the upcoming youth rodeo in Custer!  I wrote about this great event last year:  Kid Rodeo!.  Sometimes our life is so busy — and our kids are so many and so little — that we don’t get them horseback as much as we’d like.  This time of year, late summer, is when we finally realize we better start riding more with them… because winter will be here before we know it!

Beau will be competing, with friends, in the Ingomar Ranch Rodeo this weekend.  I am looking forward to spending quality time in the Jersey Lilly with the baby while Beau rodeos… not for the bar but for the air conditioning, of course!

Speaking of the baby, he rarely naps, doesn’t sleep at night unless he’s got his leg propped up on my hip, and he loathes his carseat.  None of our kids have liked their carseats, but this guy takes the cake.  Maybe it’s just that I’m getting older and so my ears are going to heck, but his screams and howls reverberate and ring in a way which I used to think elderly folks fictionalized.

We Blakes will be homeschooling again this year — Asher in second grade and Emi in kindergarten.  We ordered official curriculum this time, from a company recognized for very thorough, standardized educational fundamentals.  The curriculum represents a change for us — up ’til now in the kids’ education we have totally winged it, using supplies already on hand and basically teaching them on the run.  But because a 3-year-old and a baby are my classroom volunteers, and not failing to recognize that Beau and I will be the ones to answer should someone come knocking concerning our kids’ education, we’ve decided a step-by-step curriculum is the wise choice for us this year.  We plan to dive into the books on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Finally, I am trying to sell the bum calves.  I probably wouldn’t mention it if they disappeared in the night, either.  Just wanted to get the word out there.

Until next time!


© Tami Blake

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