The shiny silver bits we almost bought for our anniversary

Last week Beau and I marked our 15th wedding anniversary.  Where does time go?


To celebrate one and a half decades, we considered gifting each other our favorite fancy silver bridle bits which we’ve been admiring for years and years.  (Just waiting to win the lottery before we place our order.)  After a half-lifetime of deliberation, I’ve selected my favorite:

my butterfly bit

And Beau has selected many favorites, including this one:

bit 4112

Unfortunately, bits like these don’t come cheap.

As responsible adults, Beau and I (once again) had to determine that these bits — though they certainly would’ve been gifts worthy of a 15-year anniversary — are not exactly practical gifts at this point in our lives.

First of all, though Beau and I spent the first seven years of our marriage riding together, I’m not often horseback at this stage of my life.  There are just so many children to take care of… so many things to do… and there’s so little spare time.

Second of all, our bridle (read:  aged and experienced) horses have pretty much been confiscated by the kids.  Butterfly cheek pieces and 5-year-olds don’t mix.

Furthermore, after in-depth conversation, we had to admit that we really ought to use that fancy-silver-bit money to buy… more diapers and wipes.

Speaking of which, Beau thinks it’s funny that we have a newborn here in our 15th year of wedded bliss.

The newborn is sitting up and army-crawling these days — and he plans to be walking by next week.  (Just ask him.)  Here he is, pictured in his birthday suit at the local public pool this week (photo by Kari Gamble):

Muggins @ pool

Naked babies don’t bother me one bit.  I assume they don’t bother anyone else, either.  We all came into the world naked, right?

© Tami Blake

4 thoughts on “The shiny silver bits we almost bought for our anniversary

  1. darn, I missed Muggins shiny new bits and bottoms…next time I see him he’ll probably be too old to show off his bits.


  2. When we lived up here before we got our silver bits through Bob Douglas. We had a sorce down in Mexico that enabled him to sell the exact same Bits you colld get in the Capriola catalogue for less than half what Capriola charging.


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