Monday morning.


This week I’m going to finish everything I didn’t get to last week.

The refrigerator, the thank-you notes, the camper… all still on the to-do list.  All things I did NOT get done while the kids camped for two nights this past weekend with their Aunt Sue and the big cousins:


(They had an awesome time.  Thanks so much, Aunt Sue!)

Though I had grand plans for everything I was going to accomplish while the kids were gone, the reality is I just spent a lot of time wandering around the house missing them.

But the awning.  I did finish the awning I was threatening to build when I posted The kids are away!.  Beau helped me hang it over the kitchen window yesterday:


Is it structurally sound?  Mostly.

Did I always measure twice and cut once?  No.

Did I learn than barn wood is difficult to work with?  Yep, surprisingly so.

Is my awning aesthetically perfect?  Mmmmm…

But is it rustic?  Yes!

The important thing, as my dear husband keeps pointing out, is that I did it all by myself.  I’m pretty sure the learning curve is steep for beginning wood-workers, so I figure I’ll only get better from here.  See, I’ve got all these grand ideas for projects around the house, like this one, which obviously contribute to an improved quality of life for our family… and there’s no one but me to accomplish said projects, so my wood-working potential really is limitless.

My next goal is remodeling the kitchen peninsula.

Beau is hesitant.  As if I haven’t proven myself capable.

The thing is though, I will have to write thank-you notes, clean the refrigerator, unload the camper, and probably finish washing dishes, too, before I can start on my next wood-working project in good conscience.  So there’s probably nothing for Beau to worry about this week.

But the kitchen peninsula is definitely on next week’s list.

Happy Monday, everyone!

© Tam Blake

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