Run away with me?

Happy Father’s Day to my husband.  I consider myself pretty lucky to have captured him when I was so young I had no idea what I was doing!

A few reasons why I believe kids need a daddy — especially a daddy like the one my kids and I are so blessed to have:

He wrestles with them.  (I am not such a good wrestler; the kids don’t even try me anymore.)

He takes them camping.  (Again, not my cup of tea.)

He teaches them how to handle a knife, how to dive into deep water, how to shoot a bow and a BB gun, how to dally a rope, and how to change a tire.  He’s still working on me in all these areas, too.

He goes out of his way to include me and the kids in his work.  There’s a rule in his office:  the kids can play with anything they want in there — as long as they leave everything in the room when they depart.  How he can do desk work with their “help” I’ll never understand.

He is amazingly patient with the kids.  I am much more likely to get out the wooden spoon than he is.  He usually just takes a step back from a child’s misbehavior and demonstrates that we’re not gonna let this situation get the best of us.

He tells them stories about his own childhood — all of which underline his humanness and all of which the kids beg to hear again and again.

He helps me to understand what it’s like to grow up as a boy.  Just about the time I’m ready to panic and call military school, Beau reassures me that our 7-year-old son is a good boy and a normal boy.

He helps me to understand what it’s like to grow up with siblings.  I’m a youngest-quasi-only child with a bent towards perfectionism, remember?  Terrible at relationships, remember?  Just about the time I’m ready to freak out and inflict lifelong damage on the little relationships blossoming in our home, Beau reminds me that our kids are good kids and normal kids.




He keeps on loving me even though I keep on overcooking the bacon.

I recently asked him if he would consider running away with me.  Just me and him and our kids, cows and horses.  Perhaps on a remote island somewhere near the equator.  No other people to worry about.  No rat race to keep up with.

Can we please go someplace where life moves slow enough we might actually get everybody’s teeth brushed on any given day?

He said it’s a tempting invitation.

We’ve been married almost 15 years and I still want to run away with him.  He’s that good a guy.

Happy Father’s Day, Beau!

© Tami Blake

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