Nate the Graduate

(Say that like Dr. Seuss would and it rhymes!)

A few weeks ago our nephew, Nate, graduated from the eighth grade.  Hard to believe he’s bound for high school in the fall.  Seems like not that long ago he was hitching a ride with his mama:


Now he’s learning to drive!


(We didn’t get to go boating last year but by golly we put the tube to good use.)

After Nate’s graduation ceremony, my sister got this pic of our folks with their six grandkids:

Nate's grad.jpg

They kinda all look like they’re related, huh?

I was going to post about Nate’s graduation in a more timely manner, but I got caught up searching for a particular picture I had hoped to share here.  Alas, I can’t find it.  But here’s the story.  Last summer when Nate was staying with us we had to go to a funeral.  Nate had nothing appropriate to wear to the funeral, so Beau (my husband, Nate’s uncle) dug deep into his closet and retrieved the shirt Beau had worn for his high school graduation photos 20 years before:


(I’ve been trying to find the photo of a young Beau wearing the same shirt, but that’s the one that eludes me.)

It was quite a joke for us, thinking about Nephew Nate wearing a shirt from Uncle Beau’s high school years.  The shirt doesn’t fit Uncle Beau so good anymore, but — phew! — good thing he kept it, because there it was in the closet when Nate was in need.  I’m sure all those other valuable artifacts Beau hangs onto will in like manner come in handy someday soon!  Ha!

Anyhow, congratulations to Nate.  If you’re reading, dear nephew, please take a break from baseball and come see us soon!

© Your Aunt Tam

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