What we read on the road!

As we were driving on our cross-the-state-for-a-wedding adventure this past weekend, Beau and I read aloud to the kids.  If he was driving, I read; if I was driving, he read.  Our title:

Naya Nuki

This is such a good book.  It tells the true (though legendary, so of course a few of the details are fictionalized) story of Sacajawea’s best friend, Naya Nuki, who was kidnapped from her tribe on the same day Sacajawea was — but who later escaped from their captors and made the solo trek back to her people.  She walked a thousand miles to get home to the mountains of what is now southwest Montana.  She was all by herself.  She was eleven.

Someone read this book aloud to me when I was a girl — for some reason I can’t remember who.  Re-reading it now, as an adult to my own kids, I found that I hadn’t recalled the tale in a complete way, even though I remembered it very fondly.  And for good reason:  The story is extremely well told by the author, simple enough for a child to comprehend yet not so over-simplified that an adult can’t enjoy it.  Naya Nuki’s tale is an astounding reminder that once upon a time, before we white folks showed up and took over, there were indigenous people here… and they knew very well how to survive on what the land has to offer.

This book is right up our history-loving kids’ alley!  Emi and Asher highly recommend it.


© Tami Blake

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