What a character!  She’s three, she’s adorable, she still thinks she’s the baby of the family even though she’s been a big sister for four months now… she’s a little bit naughty… and she says some pretty cute stuff.  The other day I had to tell her, “You’ll always be my little girl.  But the time has come for you to stop acting like a naughty baby.”

Regardless, she’s pretty irresistible.


Marsi, eating ribs for the first time:  “No me like the bones.  No can chew them.”


One thing she says often — sometimes when we’re just being still and sometimes after she’s been running and jumping, but always with eyes wide with amazement:  “Mom, I can feel my heart beatin’!”


The other day she had been in the yard, which is within site of the barn, and apparently the cowboy she calls Jay-pub was riding the horse named Snoopy.  Marsi came inside breathless with excitement:  “Mom!  Jay-pub and Snoopy!”

Me:  “What happened?”

Marsi:  “Jay-pub got bucked!  Wanch wodeo!  At.  Ow.  House!”

(She displaces her Rs with Ws… which, for better or worse, only ups the cute factor.)


The funniest thing is that the baby and Marsi already have a special bond.  The two older kids naturally play together a lot, and though all three bigger kids love Baby Muggins, Marsi just gravitates toward him.  And he authentically likes her; Beau and I are amazed that he genuinely enjoys her attention.  We’re also concerned, because so far the baby is NOT showing good judgment in choosing the companion least likely to bite him, poke his eye out, and generally put him in danger and get him into trouble.  Still, they’ve got a thing going:


Marsielle is ornery no doubt.  But she doesn’t have me stumped… because, I’m afraid, she’s a lot like me.

© Tami Blake

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