How it turned out.

We didn’t cross everything off my honey-do list on Mother’s Day.

But it was still a darn good day.

We did actually get a lot done — and the most important thing is, we were all together and we were happy.  Beau was only called out to work once on Mother’s Day, when two hay trucks and the hay grinder all happened to show up at once and were all in need of the single loader tractor.  He solved that dilemma fairly quickly and was soon back at my beck and call.

Here’s a rundown of our accomplishments:

– I don’t have photographic evidence to support this, but I did vacuum and wipe down the inside of our pickup.  Then Beau and Asher made a good effort at fixing the cassette player in the pickup.  They extracted a tiny toy dinosaur and a fortune out of a fortune cookie from the way back of the doo-jab, but still no luck.  I know, I know, a cassette player seems hopelessly old-school — why would we even need it? — but if we can get it going I’ll be able to hook it up to my iPod and play audio books for the kids while I drive.  So there.  I am pretty modern after all.

– First things first, Beau made steak and eggs with hash browns for me for breakfast.  Eighteen months ago I’m sure I had never eaten those three things in one sitting, but then they became my favorite meal when I was pregnant with Muggins, and I remain fond of the combination still.  Mmmm, and sweet coffee too, of course.


– Next I wrote a blog.  But I didn’t clean my desk.  Because life is too short.


– Then the kids decided they were going to clean out the toy closet as their Mother’s Day gift to me.  At first I was all Uh… do you really think… mmmm… okay.  Because you know how kids are; their idea of cleaning is to empty out a closet and then not put anything back in it.  But you know what?  They actually did a great job this time.  There is hope for a sane future for me!


– Beau broke out the drill and helped me hang some stuff around the house.  We are going to be moved into this house any month now; it’s only been a year and seven months, after all.  So… look what I got (below).  Remember my blog on Cow Art?  Well, I just couldn’t help it, and I finally convinced myself and my better half that our living room would only be complete if this blue gal was hanging front and center.  I found the canvas online for less than $50 and fell in love.  I ordered it and then it came in the mail and it was… a piece of canvas.  Rolled up and stuffed in a tube!  Ha!  Joke was on me, because next we had to take her to a frame shop and have the canvas stretched, and that cost over $100!  Finally she is home and hanging in all her modern art glory and I am majorly fond of her… but I still haven’t named her.


– We also hung this dorky little sign (below), which I personally hand-painted, on the side of the bunkhouse.  There’s a funny story under this sign.  Years ago — I think I was about 10 years old — somebody painted the bunkhouse and painted over a metal sign that read “FIRE EXTINGUISHER.”  Being 10, I believed it was wrong to paint over a fire extinguisher sign, so I set about painting the words FIRE EXTINGUISHER on the side of the bunkhouse.  Never one to go about a task in an orderly fashion, I got about this far with the project:



… And it stayed that way for the next 25 years.  Just those letters painted on the side of the bunkhouse.  Until I recently realized that it was completely ridiculous that I hadn’t gotten around to finishing something for twenty-five years, and so we hung this sign over my 25-year-old mess on Mother’s Day 2018:


– Also on Sunday, Beau was a sweetheart and trimmed the feet on my project horse.  His name is Cat, and the project is called Will His Broken Elbow Ever Heal?


– Oh, and I spent an inordinate amount of time on Mother’s Day trying to get a good pic of my kids’ 40 little toes.


– At the end of the day we packed a picnic and enjoyed it on our own little piece of land, which is adjacent to the feedlot here.


Guess who was voted cutest picnicker?


DSC02577 (1)

(Sorry about my hair here, which is a cross between Little Boy and Old Mom.  Alas, maybe I am just one of those people who looks better with a hat on?)


(Some escapees from the feedlot — all misfits, which is the reason they’re allowed to roam around outside of the pens — wanted to join the festivities.  They are on our little piece of land because our land it not fenced… and Montana is a fence-out state.)

Late in the day, Beau walked through our few acres looking for the surveyor’s stakes I’ve been worried are going to disappear with the years.  He found a couple:

DSC02600 (1)

We get so caught up in everyday survival of life with 4 kids and of keeping another man’s business clicking along that we rarely get the time to enjoy our own little piece of property, which seemed so vitally important to us to buy a few years ago.

Still, I’m so glad we have it.  Because someday… someday… we will have more time, right?  We will build our own ranch starting with 23 acres, right?

There’s an ancient junk pile on our land, full of interesting old pickups and horse-drawn machinery and more.

But all that’s another story for another time.

Mother’s Day 2018 was another great day.  I have been blessed!

© Tami Blake

One thought on “How it turned out.

  1. Dear Tami,
    Your Mother’s Day sounded wonderful. I do not get excited about these celebrations either, my birthday in April is also one I try not to get excited about. For one reason, CALVING. It is our livelihood and I am realistic. It is enough to me that my husband and kids just remember it. This Mother’s Day was one of the first that they did not remember until later in the day, but with the winter that we just survived I was okay with it. We were actually on the road back to an auction sale site that we purchased machinery and it needed to be towed/hauled/flagged home before my husband heard something on the radio and I could see the guilt wash over him. Farm/ranch wives learn to adapt and in my case, just knowing that he felt bad about not remembering and trying to think of things to make up for it are why I love him.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you


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