Trailing out heifers

For the last couple days the fellers have been trailing yearling replacement heifers out of the feedlot toward summer grass.

This is always an exciting time of year for us.  The trailing of the heifers means that the replacement heifers are officially sorted, spring grass is officially growing, and the feedlot season is officially almost over.  I have lots of memories from growing up of trailing heifers out — it was always a favorite annual event for me, a precursor to branding season, and I always wanted to stay home from school to help.


Ladies and gentlemen, here come the 2018 PV replacement heifers!  Say goodbye to the feedlot, girls!


(Here’s one pen-full of heifers, waiting on the county road for the second pen-full of heifers to show up — so the long hike to pasture can begin.)

DSC02461 (1).jpg

And there they go up the first hill!

Here’s Beau trotting by me and the kids (the official spectators) on a horse named Fish…


… and I like how not one of Fish’s hooves is on the ground.

I am thankful for the good guys working with us this spring:

DSC02456 (1)

Mr. Jacob (Marsi calls him Jay-pub).




Mr. Sam.




Mr. Tucker.



Here’s what the kids were doing while I was distracted with the camera:


Splashing in yucky puddles…



Sliding down the face of the hill…



And by the time it was said and done, Asher had made it to the top:


All mothers let their kids do this stuff, right?

© Tami Blake

One thought on “Trailing out heifers

  1. Correction: MORE Mothers SHOULD let their kids climb/slide dirt hills and jump in yucky mud puddles! You are raising those wee ones to become upstanding citizens and we need more of this so we have a chance in you know what of having leaders for our country.
    Have a great day and thanks for making me smile yet again as I enjoy a cup of coffee to read your blog.


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